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Logo Design News This Week (5.32)

It’s the end of the week and it’s starting to look like people are getting back in the swing of things. Kids are returning to school (at least in our part of the country) and companies are updating their brands. Here’s our Friday wrap up of all the logo design news we saw over the past seven days. Check them out:

2015 ESPN College Football Logo DesignThe start of college football is less than two weeks away, so there’s no surprise that ESPN, the unofficial home of college football, unveiled a new logo to accompany their weekly college football show. It’s a step down from last year’s design. We liked the old design’s use of the football within the shield and while it was a bit of overkill, the iron works says stadium. (Click the link to compare them.) The new logo loses all of the design references to the sport and feels more terminator than sporty. We don’t like this new logo, but we’re still looking forward to the start of the season.

This has got to be a mistranslation: A Serbian utility company is spending 42 million dinars or nearly € 350,000 ($395,000) on a new logo design. Seems a bit steep when there’s such a great option for creating a new logo for just $49. On the other hand, it’s not as expensive as Icon Water’s new $574,286 logo. But those are Ausie dollars…

New Ireland Basketball LogoThe new logo design for Basketball Ireland doesn’t quite work for us. Yes, the icon includes a basketball. And the iconic Irish shamrock. It’s the kind of idea that works in theory, but in practice falls flat. And the typeface is poorly kerned. It’s not a great design. On the other hand, who knew that Ireland even had basketball? So maybe the new mark is working.

The Daily Show sans Jon Stewart announced a new logo design this week.

Jacksonville Symphony Logo DesignHere’s a logo we like. To go with its new CEO and new music director, the Jacksonville Symphony unveiled a new logo this week. The icon is made from the five lined staff associated with printed music. The form is a combination of the letters J and S and is said to be in the shape made by the conductor’s baton. Add a professional looking font and you’ve got a nice design. One small issue—when printed at small sizes, the lines of the icon tend to moiré. But that’s a quibble.

State of Victoria Logo DesignThe State of Victoria has a new logo. We like it. The old logo had a V-shaped spotlight shining from the I in the name and illuminating the southern cross, which doesn’t really make sense. Stars shine by themselves, they don’t need a spotlight. The new logo is better. It uses a large V-shape icon and a simple type treatment. Unfortunately someone else who uses similar (though different) colors and a diagonal line for their brand is making noise about plagiarism. Seriously? Colors and a slanted line do not a trademark make. The new Victoria logo is not a rip.

Park City Credit Union has a new logo that might suggest to some that money grows on trees.

KraftHeinz Logo DesignWhen companies merge, it often creates a dilemma as to what to do with the old logos. Choose one or the other or do something completely new? If you’re the recently merged KraftHeinz company, you strip the enclosures off the old logos and jam them together. The result is recognizable, but the new mark isn’t as strong as the two older designs.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.