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4 Brilliant Startup Logos to Inspire Your Own

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Creative startup logos are the bread and butter of any new business. That’s because a good logo is the basis of a brand, and branding is everything for a business that’s just starting out.

But how do you know if your startup logo is any good? You learn from the best startup logos out there and apply this insight to your own logo.



Trying to get connected to Wi-Fi service in your home or business just got a heck of a lot simpler thanks to Starry. This startup got its start in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016. Consumers can purchase a wireless device that promises lighting-fast speeds of supercharged internet. You can download a full-length feature film in a couple of seconds with this kind of speed.

The Starry logo does two things immediately. First, it draws you into a stark space with lots of white background between the sans serif letters, Starry, in all caps. The thin font continues with the minimalist feel. To the left of the wording, which is where your eye naturally falls to first, you see five upside-down right triangles, all of different sizes.

This gives the appearance of space and dimension within the logo, as your mind travels near and far in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what Starry offers, speedy internet in seconds, so the imagery hits a homerun.

Then take another look at those triangles. What do they remind you of? The triangles are spot-on to the bars of a wireless signal, yet with the Starry logo the triangles are completely full. No space for a weak connection with this service.

The coloring of the logo is on point with the feeling of minimalism and simplicity with a black on white palette. This reflects the motto of the company, which is to eliminate bundles, contracts, and hidden fees. You see the logo clearly without any other emotions being evoked through color.



Capture, store and organize your notes from wherever you may roam with Evernote. Giving you the ability to document anything you need digitally in one storage system helps you remember with the power of an elephant. Speaking of elephants the Evernote logo takes top prize for tech logos.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the elephant’s face. First you have the graphite hue of the elephant contrasted with a spotlight white that fades outward. This brings your eye to focus on the elephant first and foremost. The eye of the elephant appears to be smiling as noted by the half-moon shape curving slightly along the bottom edge.

The ear of the elephant is tucked over, naturally but also exhibiting the style of a tabbed piece of paper. It reminds you of those pages in books that are folded down, or earmarked, to keep your place. Next take a look at the elephant’s truck, which is neatly curled under in a paperclip loop. The entirety of the elephant’s shape is fitted in a semi-square design, to mimic the look of a Post-It note.

Again, why the elephant? Because this is the animal that never forgets, and when users use Evernote they will never lose track of an idea, document or image that is stored there. In the background you see a two-tone green that continues the spotlight effect of highlighting the elephant.

The choice of green in this context is interesting. It symbolizes money, health and nature, as well as new growth and fertility. Other brands that have successfully used green in their logos include Starbucks, Whole Foods, Land Rover, Xbox, and Holiday Inn. For Evernote the use of green can evoke feelings of starting fresh with new ideas that could improve one’s health, wealth, and happiness.



One of the latest tech startups out there is Hudl, which provides sports teams with software to improve their performance. The tech gives players and coaches a way to record and review play-by-play footage using voiceover, sketching and text annotation. Now about that logo, here’s why Hudl has one of the best startup logos of 2017.

The logo features the word ‘hudl’ in all lower case using a sans serif font. Simple, effective. The name of the company already makes you pause to think, which is good for a startup logo. At the same time it is easy to spell, which is vital, yet continues to sound like the word it’s meant to represent. Hudl sounds more than just sporty, too, as this type of tech huddle allows coaches and players to come together using mobile devices for a virtual huddle.

Next we have the symbol of the three circles, or balls, with wings. These three images are circling each other, and it looks like a vertical shot of a group in a huddle. Very effective use of graphics, and when the three identical shapes are circled together, the interior space depicts a symmetrical three-sided clover.

The colors used in the logo include brilliant orange, white and black. Different versions of the logo cross up the color scheme, but the three hues remain represented. Orange, as noted by Fast Company, reflects enthusiasm and excitement, as well as aggression albeit in a cheerful, friendly and confident manner. In other words, orange is the ideal color for a startup logo for a sports-centric tech service.



A startup social media network, Snapchat has hit the epic scales in terms of popularity. Could this startup logo have something to do with that success? Snapchat lets users send messages, in photo form, that disappear forever after viewing.

The image of the white ghost with the black outline is simple and playful, albeit a bit detailed. You have the arms of the ghost and the symmetric shape across the bottom edge that uplifts on the sides. This stands out from those ghost graphics where the bottom edge is a sharp zigzag pointing downward.

Furthermore, Snapchat’s ghost gives you the illusion of a smile with the positive upturned arms and base.

Then you have the solid yellow, notably sunny, background. As Fast Company points out, the use of yellow in marketing is associated with warmth, youthfulness, and optimism. It also stimulates mental processes and encourages communication, which makes it the perfect choice for a social networking service.

Overall the logo is both cheerful and clearly stated, as your messages are as fleeting as ghosts. It says

what is needed and depicts the brand without words, which is well suited for a social networking site that focuses on imagery.

When designing a startup logo, whether you are planning tech logos or social media brands, you want to consider the user’s experience, always. After all, the logo is what will symbolize your entire business brand.

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