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Get Branded! 10 Things You Forgot to Put Your Logo On

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Did you know that it takes ten seconds for a customer to form an impression concerning your brand’s logo? Despite this, it is likely to take the same customer 5-7 impressions for them to associate your logo with your service.

So you have to get branded virtually everywhere. That’s how to make consumers remember your service or product- by associating it with your logo.

For purposes of visual identity, you need logos. You can use it during marketing or any other promotional events. The logo will help you get noticed by as many people as possible in a manner that is quite professional.

Read on to find out 10 branding ideas with which you can put your nice logo to work.

Oft-Forgotten Places to Put Your Logo

1. On Your Website

Your website is a vital part of your business. It is where interested customers can check out what you offer. So place the logo of your brand in a visible place on your website.

Make sure it’s pretty nice especially for the sake of new customers. This is the first interaction consumers will have with your brand-it ought to be impressive.

2. Your Email Signature

No plain emails anymore after getting branded. If you add your logo to your email signature people will remember your brand every time you send a message.

3. Business Cards

Sure you have them designed out for you. They are a perfect idea because you give them out to virtually everybody you meet. There’s no better way to show your logo.

4. T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies and Other Attire

Your organization must-have items of clothing that you all adorn in for team building and all? Place your logo on these pieces of attire too. It will not only make your gear look amazing but also silently tell the world about your brand.

5. Stickers and Labels

Have them custom made for your company or organization. Print-on-demand stickers with a logo; they can be created in all shapes. What’s so good about stickers and labels is that they can be stuck on laptops or notebooks as portable branding.

6. Envelopes

Even these should be used to market the organization. So they should be branded with the organizational logo.

So when the mail is finally read and the envelope disposed of, even the cleaner gets to learn of your brand.

7. Office Notebooks

Have all the employees attend meetings with branded notebooks. They might decide to drop off at a coffee place and meet a friend who becomes your customer.

8. Calendars

Of course, these are custom made for the organization and so they should have the logo. Make sure to give them for free to everybody who cares about dates.

9. In –house Documents

All documents from within your company should have the logo in the header.

10. Your Vehicles

The vehicles too should be branded. As they move about they sell your brand out there.

Why You Should Get Branded

You now have all the ideas on where to place your logo here. There is no reason why your company should have difficulties with marketing.

Using your logo in all these areas should complement the marketing and promotion departments highly. You only need to be creative about it. For more info on how to get branded, check out our brand-building blog.

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