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Heal Your Brand: How To Create a Trustworthy Medical Logo

How to create a medical logo

Do you need to heal your brand? Sometimes, it’s incredibly necessary to do. The fact is that your logo is often the first interaction they have with your practice. They will form a first impression based on your logo in about 10 seconds.

If your logo isn’t getting the right message across, then you’re likely to be losing patients before they even have a chance to learn more about what you do.

How can you fix the issue and heal your brand? It’s time for a logo redesign. Read on to learn how you can create a dynamic logo yourself and create a logo that makes a difference in your practice.

Research Your Competition

There’s a great chance that there are a lot of other medical practitioners in your area. Even though there are more than 125 medical specialties, there are likely going to be several practitioners for each specialty. That means that you have to stand out more with your logo.

You want to get an idea as to what your competitors are doing. Not to copy them, but to understand what they’re trying to communicate to the public and to potential clients.

When you study other medical logos, notice the font, colors, and if there are similar icons that identify the practice or industry.

Do they tend to be similar? Do those practices target the same audience? You want to make sure that you take note of these so you can make your logo different and stand out.

Understand Your Target Audience

At the heart of your marketing efforts, including your logo, is your target audience. Your logo has to be able to get through the thousands of marketing messages they see every day.

Not only that, but you have to repeatedly use your logo in order for them to remember it. It takes on average between 5-7 touches for someone to remember your logo.

When people look at a logo, they’ll process it in milliseconds. They’ll look at the color, the font, and icons associated with the logo, and then the text.

In that instant, they will form an impression. It’s like looking at a red cross and immediately connecting that with the Red Cross organization.

The impression that they form can be positive or negative. The colors that you use, and the typography and, symbols all work together. They have to resonate and create an emotion with your target audience in order to get them to pay attention.

You can probably name 10-15 incredible logos off the top of your head. The most recognizable logos share some of the same characteristics.

Learning what these major brands have in common can give you an idea as to what makes a great logo. You can then apply what you learned to your own work.

Simplicity is usually at the top of the list of common qualities that great logos share. You don’t need to add tag lines, have several colors, or clutter the logo space.

Every time you add an element to your logo, you have to have a reason for it. That includes color, text, and any symbols.

Once you have the framework of the logo, you don’t want to keep adding things to the design. If you do, then think about which element can be removed from the design.

This is a fun exercise that you can use to keep your logo as simple as possible and ensure that you’re keeping the most important elements.

A great logo also stands out. Some people confuse a logo that stands out with a very busy logo. You can have a simple logo that stands out, like the Nike Swoosh.

Your logo also has to be very versatile. It will be used in all of your marketing, from your website to the prescription letterhead. You want it to look great in black and white and color. It also needs to look professional in every place you plan to use it.

Use a Logo Maker Online

You have a couple of choices to put your medical logo ideas into practice. You can sketch them out by hand into a notebook. That’s OK, but there are more streamlined ways to create your logo.

There are plenty of online tools that will help you create a logo for a medical practice. The easier the tool is to use, the better. You can use an online logo maker to get started and get your ideas down.

Start by remembering the emotion that you want your patients to feel when they think of your practice. Common emotions that the medical field captures are security, safety, and urgency.

The colors that you use will convey a different emotion. For example, blue is associated with security. Red is associated with a sense of urgency. Lighter shades of green are associated with nature, which would fit well with a holistic health practice.

The type you use is also a factor in conveying an emotion. A serif font is used to convey a feeling of reliability and longevity. A sans serif font can be taken as progressive, modern, and stable.

This is the difficult part of creating a logo because you have to look beyond what you think looks good. You have to design a logo for your patients and match their needs and expectations with what you want to convey.

Heal Your Brand: Create a Great Medical Logo

The medical industry is growing quickly. There’s increased competition for patients and you need to find ways to make your medical practice stand out.

Creating a medical logo that your patients can identify with is the first step in standing out. Your logo needs to be simple, versatile, and convey the right emotions.

Are you ready to heal your brand? Start creating your new medical logo today.

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