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Mix Things Up: Redesigning Your Nightclub and Bar Logo

Professional bartender adding to a cocktail in the glass with a whipped cream a grated nutmeg

According to the American Nightlife Association, there are 65,800 bars and nightclubs in the U.S. This means that in almost any given area, your establishment is going to be competing with at least a few others for customers.

What’s one great way to stand out from the competition? A new bar logo.

From brand-new bars and clubs to long-established ones, a logo redesign allows you to catch the eye of new consumers, while also grabbing the attention of former customers. Your redesign might be a small update, or a complete overhaul. What matters is that the results speak to exactly the consumers you want to reach, giving them a new reason to come through your doors. 

Not sure how to get get your bar logo redesign started? We’ll help you out — check out these great bar logo ideas to give your bar a fresh new look!

Throw It Back

Minimalism and simplicity have reigned supreme in design for about a decade now. These design elements can still work well for some establishments, but they’re not as exciting as they used to be. In fact, elaborate, “maximalist” designs are starting to replace minimalist ones as the hot new things in design.

One way to get in on this trend is with an elaborate, vintage-style logo. You can pull inspiration from just about any era, so consider what will represent your brand best. For example, a great speakeasy logo could reference Prohibition-era design elements, while an arcade bar could use ’80s-style design instead. 

Get Sporty

Does your bar specialize in sports? Maybe it’s adorned with sports memorabilia or has special events for big game days. In that case, you’ll want to design a logo that catches the eye of sports fans who will love the experience you offer.

For a sports bar, you can draw inspiration from the logos of your favorite sports teams. Look at the way sports team logos use colors, mascots, or simple geometric designs to create instantly-recognizable images. Then, you can design a team-like logo using similar elements.

If you want to keep things more literal, you could also inject an image of your establishment’s sport of choice into the logo. For example, a bar that caters to soccer fans could feature a soccer ball or goal right there in the logo. That way, everyone who sees your logo knows right away what you’re all about.

Be Literal

As a bar or nightclub, people already know you sell alcohol. You don’t necessarily need to represent it on your logo. But if you’re struggling for inspiration in your logo redesign, adding the image of what you serve can actually work well.

For example, maybe your existing logo is simply the name of your bar. You specialize in elaborate, handcrafted bloody Marys, but there’s nothing to indicate that in your logo. Adding a simple image of your special drink will tip off potential customers to what you offer, giving them another reason to stop by. 

From the classic tilted martini glass to an abstract impression of a wine bottle, there are lots of ways to incorporate drinks in your logo. Just make sure whatever you choose will appeal to your target customer. For example, a casual bar and grill probably shouldn’t use the image of an elaborate cocktail in the logo — it will give people an inaccurate impression. 

Sign with Beer Stein Icon Vintage logo design

Go Abstract

For clubs in particular, an abstract, geometric nightclub logo often works well. The experience inside likely isn’t characterized by what people eat and drink: it’s more about a unique way to connect with new people and music. Abstract logos hint at the mysterious, exciting potential of these experiences.

You can take this logo idea in many different directions. Something as simple as changing your logo from your full club name to a single, creatively-designed letter can have a powerful effect. 

Use a Mascot

Bar logos actually have a history that stretches back at least 1,000 years. In medieval times, bars and inns often had names that involved a recognizable plant or animal of some sort, like “The Golden Eagle” or “The Cat and Lantern.” Back then, many people couldn’t read, so the establishment would paint the image of its name on the sign, making it easy for people to find. 

Today, this method of naming establishments is still popular. If your bar or nightclub has a “mascot” in the name, why not show it on your logo? This can make for a memorable logo with fascinating roots in bar tradition. 

Keep It Simple

What if you already have a great logo, and you aren’t looking for a totally new design? In that case, it’s time to take a close look at your logo and see which elements might have a big impact if you change them in a small way. 

For example, maybe your current logo uses a sleek, sans-serif font, because those were trendy when you first opened. But now, you want a logo that’s a little warmer and more elaborate, reflecting the cozy atmosphere you offer. Simply changing the font to an old-fashioned serif font like Times New Roman can give your existing logo a whole new vibe. 

If you have an established customer base, it’s often ideal to keep your logo recognizable, rather than designing a whole new one. That way, customers will know that your experience isn’t changing, even if the logo is. However, if you’re doing a big update in your space, like a remodel, a brand-new logo can be a good way to signify those changes. 

Whether you design a fully new bar logo or keep things mostly the same, you can apply these bar logo ideas to get the best results.

In the end, a good bar logo is all about communication. Using text and visual elements, your logo communicates a suggestion of what customers can expect. Use these ideas to seamlessly match your logo to your branding, and your target audience will take notice.

Not sure how to take your new logo from conception to reality? Let us help with that, too — get started with our logo maker here!

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