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How to Pitch a Logo Design to Clients

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You see them every day and don’t even have to read the name before realizing what it is. Brand logos and excellent logo designs stay with you for a reason. The reason is they were meant to, so you would think about them the next time you needed a product or service.

When someone knows how to pitch a logo design, it can help a company create a positive impact on customers for decades. Frequently a pitch for logo design package is done so well; the rest becomes history. If you’ve always wanted to know how to pitch a successful logo design, the informational guide below is for you.

Read on to find answers to many of your logo, graphic design, and marketing questions.

Logo Design

Before you learn how to pitch a logo design, its important to know the business definition of what a logo design is and how the most brilliant ones are created. A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name that a company, product, service or brand uses to identify itself. In many cases, a logo design is an abstract figure or stylized version of a company’s name. 

Regardless of what the logo design looks like, it provides consumers with almost immediate brand recognition. In fact, memorable logo designs are 13% more likely to catch a consumer’s eye. Another 7% of consumers become curious about the company based on their brand image.

Logos have become so synonymous with a company that an instantly recognizable logo has unlimited value to a company. It also is a valuable intangible asset for companies and many of them trademark their design logos as their intellectual property. Since design logos are so valuable to companies, how do you pitch a logo design, so it makes a lasting impression?

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How to Create Your Logo Design

The first thing you want to do in a preliminary step before you pitch a logo design is to make sure the logo design your pitching accurately represents the company. You can do this by thinking about six concerns regarding the unique design logo you’re pitching.

  1. Research and know your company before you begin the creative process of designing a logo.
  2. Is your logo design a simple but compelling one that people will recognize as soon as they see it? 
  3. Does your logo design still look compelling on a scaled up or down level? A great logo is simple but still reaches out to customers through its memorable design.
  4. Is your logo design unique, impactful, and one-of-a-kind?
  5. You want your design logo to be versatile, timeless, and able to weather company changes and events.
  6. Is your design logo relevant to the company?

In truth, a logo design is one of the hardest things any graphic designer will have to create. Since it’s their skill sets and imagination, bringing the logo to life, they have to make sure they try to get it right before it ever leaves their office. It’s important to remember that a good design logo represents words through its visual concept and the visual concept speaks to customers well enough to be heard.

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Pitch a Logo Design

80% of small businesses make one year in operations only to see their success rate percentages go down drastically after that. One of the things that help them stay in business and then grow and develop is strong brand design. Strong branding can help a company’s strategic growth through marketing outreach and customer awareness.

In pitching a logo design, you need to begin the way you mean to go and that’s with a strong and clear design brief. Almost every logo design process requires a list of questions to be answered so you can help meet the company’s objectives. You want to be on the same page with your customers while you create your design logo framework. 

Make sure your graphic design logo visually helps the companies strategic goals. You want to make sure your logo design targets the company’s customers and possible consumer audience. Present your logo with a live surface illustrator so the company can see your logo in action as it looks in real-life scenarios.

There are two-types of mock-ups, and you want to make sure when you pitch your logo design, you use the right one. One mock-up is used for portfolios and one mock-up is used for design logo presentations. Slides are also a powerful tool to use with your customers because slides help customers visualize the usefulness of the logo. 

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Unique Logo Designs

Designing a unique logo design to pitch helps make your job in selling the logo so much easier. That’s because if you’ve created an effective and unique logo design, then the company will feel the influence the design logo has with them and customers. It’s the influence of a unique logo design that partly impacts customers into their buying decisions.

Also, a unique logo design that’s done well shows the company the quality of your services. Then your pitch to them is backed by the effectiveness of your logo design. A unique logo design uses different images, shapes, typefaces, and colors, and when done in the right proportions, it reflects the company’s personality.

Your Final Steps

When you pitch a logo design to a company your design pitch needs to begin and end with market research. If a company tells you they don’t need a logo or aren’t sure if they need a logo yet, show them their competitors logos who are in their market. When you’re ready to find out more about how you can make a logo design to remember, reach out to LogoMaker.

LogoMaker makes creating unique logo designs to remember their mission. You need the right marketing tools to reach customers. If you can find effective and memorable tools that help positively impact a company’s image, why wouldn’t you use the opportunity to help grow and develop a company’s brand?

In marketing, there may be nothing more important than how we think about and visualize the product or service we need to purchase. Its the company’s logo design we visualize as we process our needed products or services. Make sure your logo design is pitch-perfect.

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