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The Truth About Free Logo Design Tools

“FREE” is one of the most powerfully motivating words in the English language. Who wouldn’t be excited to get an impressive logo design for free? On the other hand, most of us are conditioned to look for the trapdoor under the pot of gold. If something is free, it probably isn’t worth having. If it’s

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5 Logo Color Combinations to Avoid

Adding color to a logo can drastically change the tone and balance of the design. Would you take American Express seriously as a financial institution if it had a pink and yellow logo? Color choices seem simple on the surface, but they play a big role in brand perception. People have instinctive reactions to visual

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Using a Logo Creator for Your Business

You have taken the first steps towards starting your own business. Maybe you’re still in the planning and product creation stages, tinkering with supplies and materials in your home. Perhaps you have been providing a service for a while and you’ve just now begun to call your efforts a “business,” expanding your clientele beyond your

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What to Consider When Selecting a Logo Maker

The highly digitized and competitive business world calls for entrepreneurs and investors to come up with creative ways of giving their companies an upper hand. Apart from hiring qualified staff members and coming up with robust marketing strategies, companies need to have a recognizable logo on their products, official document letterheads, building signage, and online

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