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Logomaker Small Business Blog.

Logo Design This Week

Interested in following what’s going on in the world of logo design? Here are a few of the top news stories this week: The new logo to be used on Miami Marlins uniforms next year was leaked. We’re don’t think it’s an improvement over the old logo. Maybe it was leaked to generate bad press and

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More Free Business Forms

As a small business owner, you’re always on the look-out for products and services that make your life easier—and your business more effective. So are we, after all, we basically run a small business too (even though we’re a tiny part of a much larger operation). We’ve posted about the variety of free business forms

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The Power of a Good Logo Design

Can a good logo make your customers buy your product? Or buy more of it? Last year, the Journal of Consumer Research published an interesting study. The researchers set out to measure whether or not a logo could influence the behavior of customers. They also looked at the effects of business ad slogans on customer

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20 Questions to Ask About Your Brand

Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer at the 60 Second Marketer recently suggested 20 questions to ask when trying to differentiate your brand from your competition. We think they are a pretty good place to start when you are ready to think about your brand position (a good thing to do before you start your logo

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Free Business Forms For You to Use

As you know by now, the team here at Logomaker is always on the look out for ways to make your life as an entrepreneur easier. From our online logo design software to our easy-to-set-up websites, we want to make it simple for you to get your business up and running. So we put together

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Free SEO Guide From Google

A few years ago, Google put together a little guide to help small business owners optimize their websites for their search engine. Last year they updated the guide with additional content. If you’re new to SEO or have a website that doesn’t appear on the first couple pages of search results for your keywords, then

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