Logo Maker: Trusted by over 20M businesses to make a logo. Get started now!

Design a free logo with our logo maker software. Here’s how:

Here’s how to get your free logo:

Visit Logomaker.com’s home page and click the “Start My Logo” button. Or you can just click here. This will open up the logo maker software.

Now it’s time to design your logo.

The software makes it easy. First choose the category most closely related to your business. If you don’t see a match, you can enter a few words related to your product or service in the search box to start looking through thousands of icon images.

Once you find an icon you like, click it. Now you can change colors, add text, choose a font, and arrange things by rotating, flipping, and changing sizes of all the elements. The software is very easy to use.

Once you’re happy with the logo design you’ve created, click the “Continue” or “Save” buttons. Once your account is created, you’ll see a button on your account page that says “Free Web Logo”. Click that to see the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your web design.

That’s it. Once the code is saved on your webpage, it will load every time someone looks at your website.

The software is free to try. The logo is free to use. So why not try it now?