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Whether you’re a wedding planner, photographer, wedding venue, or the one getting married – we’re here to give you some pointers on how to create your own wedding logo.

A wedding logo can be viewed as a symbol of unity, love, passion, and happiness. Our logo maker is here to help make sure your design represents these ideas. Display your wedding logo on your website to win over the hearts of your clients. Surprise your wedding guests with a thoughtfully designed wedding logo on your invitations. No matter what your reason is for creating a logo, they are a versatile and must-have detail.

Not sure where to start? Can’t find anything on Pinterest, Etsy, or The Knot that speaks to you? Let us propose to you a few great wedding logo ideas. We’ll also help you find out what wedding font to use, what color scheme to select, and where to place your finished design.

Unique wedding logo ideas

Ideal wedding logo styles

gold wedding monogram

Monogram logos

A wedding monogram is perfect for showcasing you and your significant other’s initials. Monogram logos are a decorative logo style that focuses on the first letter of each name. The letters are usually encased in an intricate border. If there is no border, then the initials themselves will be ornate and complex.

Text & icon logos

This classic logo style is perfect for wedding logos. This style uses both text (in this case, you and your significant other’s names) and an icon. Rings, flowers, a silhouetted couple, and hearts are popular icons for wedding logos. The best part about text and icon logos is that you can choose a variety of layouts.

Connected hearts wedding logo
Save the date cursive text

Wordmark logos

Wordmark logos are an ideal logo style for those looking to keep their wedding simple and straightforward. A wordmark wedding logo does not include an icon. It’s important to choose an attention-grabbing font that will make up for the lack of an icon. Opt for a bold modern font, a playful decorative font, or an elegant cursive font.

Make a theme-inspired wedding logo

Vintage wedding logos

Vintage wedding stationery

If you plan to have a vintage vibe as your wedding theme, then make sure your logo design fits the bill. Vintage wedding logo icons and fonts are whimsical and ornate. Swirled lines, embroidered borders, intricate floral patterns and damask are just a few ideas to consider.

Vintage wedding logo fonts tend to be in cursive. Cursive script is formal, traditional, and elegant – perfect for a vintage-themed wedding. Consider popular cursive fonts such as Allura, BlackJack, Citadel Scrip and Mirella Script – all of which you have download for free online.

Looking for a color scheme for your vintage wedding? Black, white, gold, silver, red, blue, and purple are all great colors to start with. If you want your vintage wedding to appear more formal, use a bolder hue for your colors. Looking to keep the vibe more casual? Tone down the hue for a more subdued look.

Modern wedding logos

Luxury wedding invitations

Aiming for a modern wedding theme? Modern wedding logo designs are perfect for those looking to keep their wedding theme minimal yet timeless. When designing your logo, think about incorporating geometric shapes, straight-edged outlines, and a bold focus color. Modern wedding logos are more font-focused than icon-focused, so consider a text-only logo or double-initial logo.

When choosing a font, look for bold, no-frills typefaces. Modern fonts fall under the sans serif category. These fonts don’t have the frilly “tails” or “feet” attached to each letter. A few popular modern wedding fonts include Avenir Next Pro, Helvetica Neue, Futura, and Nexa – all of which can be found and downloaded online.

As far as modern wedding color palettes go, you can choose just about any colors that compliment each other. If you have a color scheme that includes three or four colors, choose your accent color to use for your wedding logo. For example, if your colors are gray, beige, seafoam green, and royal purple, create a logo using the royal purple. This will ensure that the logo really “pop” on your invitations.

Rustic wedding logos

Modern wedding invitations

Rustic wedding logos are much different from their vintage and modern counterparts. Rustic-themed logos combine earthy, nature-inspired icons such as flowers, vines, leaves, and trees. Consider incorporating organic shapes that create movement throughout the logo design.

Wedding logos with a rustic vibe work well with decorative font styles. We recommend experimenting with different font styles and see which works best with your other design elements and colors. Consider the following decorative fonts: Vegan Style, Shink, Crunchy, and The Woodlands fonts (all can be downloaded online). Each one is creative and modern, yet whimsical and romantic.

The color of your wedding logo is important when you have a rustic-themed wedding planned. It’s essential that you choose earthy tones to emulate nature in it’s purest form. Consider light greens and grays, beige or eggshell. For your logo’s accent color, opt for a dusty rose, lavender, or baby blue.