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In 2016, LogoMix (now a Deluxe Company), acquired LogoMaker. As with any company who has gone through an acquisition (on either side), there were feelings of uncertainty. That uncertainty can not compare though to what were are all facing right now. LogoMix was once a small business, but we will not pretend to know exactly

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3 Industries That Need Electronic Notary Services — And May Not Know It

Starting a small business means checking certain items off your startup’s to-do list. Some of these actions may include incorporating or forming an LLC, obtaining a tax ID, filing trademark applications, designating a registered agent and notarizing documents. Finding a notary public is critical for a wide variety of industries. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however,

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How to create a Gmail signature with your logo

Email signatures, in this case, Gmail signatures are one of the easiest ways to get your logo in front of your customers, friends, and other acquaintances. But, before you can do this, you’ll need to make a logo (just click that link to get started, then come back once you’re finished). Did you create your logo design? Great.

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Business Card Design Ideas for Millennials

When business cards were the primary method of sharing professional contact info, there was little pressure to stand out. As long as they told people who you are and where to find you, business cards were almost guaranteed to end up in Rolodexes far and wide. Now, consumers are surrounded by different types of media,

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Logo Design Trends to Expect in the Roaring 20s

As visual beings, we are always eager to see new logo designs that fascinate and surprise us. Not only does great design deliver a fresh experience, but it encourages artists to broaden the scope of their creativity. Contrary to what you might believe, following logo design trends doesn’t hinder originality. All graphic designers gather inspiration

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