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How To Add a Logo to WordPress

If you’re serious about your business and your brand, you need a logo. Logos help identify your brand to potential customers and stand out from competitors. They define your brand through color, shape, and text for your target audience. You have your logo ready and you’re ready to change your logo in WordPress – but

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How To Make a Branded PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint. People either love it or they hate it. That’s because many presenters don’t know how to harness the full power of PowerPoint. There are over 36 million PowerPoint presentations created each and every day. Given the limited number of templates available within PowerPoint, it’s pretty easy to make your presentation look like every other one out

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The Best Rebrands of 2019 (So Far)

Rebranding is a way to renew a brand and bring it back to life. And 2019 has been filled with plenty of companies looking to rebrand their logo. If you’re debating if it’s time to rebrand your own company, then we’re here to tell you it is. This is because rebranding plays a crucial role in

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Why Brands Fail: A Case on What NOT to Do

Only 1 in 3 small businesses will remain open for 10 years. Learn more about why brands fail so you don’t repeat their mistakes. Nearly 80% of small businesses survive the first year of being on the market. The success rate drops after the first year. The truth is businesses of all sizes need strong branding to

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Where to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Website

Whether you are starting a new venture or keeping your current business fresh, you know the importance of vibrant and compelling photography on your website. But unless you are a professional photographer yourself, it can be hard to find high-quality photos to post to illustrate your products or services. And purchasing stock images can run

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The 10 Most Memorable Sports Logos

Whether you’re a huge football fan or you love a day out on the baseball field, there’s no doubt you have a favorite sports team. When it comes to team recognition, the logo is what makes them stand out and easy to recognize. Take a look at 10 of the most memorable sports logos that

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