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How to Design a Logo for Online & Offline Promotion

Creating a consistent look for your brand is one of the most important reasons to design a logo. Yet, consistency isn’t something that happens automatically once you create a logo. Graphic images have complex properties that depend on the right formatting to look clean and professional. An image that looks attractive on your website could

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Designing an Eye-Catching Photography Logo

Making your mark in any creative field is a challenge when you’re surrounded by gifted minds with original ideas. Low startup costs and few barriers to entry have made photography an exceptionally competitive career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for freelance photographers to grow 12 percent between 2016 and 2026. Grabbing attention in

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5 Modern Logo Design Ideas to Consider in 2018

Does this sound familiar? You started your own business, and it’s been growing steadily. When you began, you put the emphasis on where it needed to go: delivering your service in the best way you can. Branding was hardly on your radar, let alone a customized company logo to use across your materials. Your emails

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The Fascinating Story Behind the Final Four Logo and Brand

Once again, March Madness is back and whipping fans into a competition frenzy. New Final Four merchandise is appearing on store shelves. Basketball fans are intensely debating bracket picks in office pools. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to latch onto this marketing juggernaut. It’s safe to say the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s 68-team tournament

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Winning Designs: 10 of the Best Logos of 2017

Brands big and small are working harder to create eye-catching logo designs. Everyone wants to stand out and be the next trendsetter. But more often, businesses settle for bland designs because it seems like all the best ideas are taken. Coming up with fresh imagery is a challenge, but there’s an upside. Designers start using

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Where Should You Use Your Logo? 10 Spots to Start [Checklist]

Designing a logo is a big step in building a powerful brand for your business. Your logo is like a mascot. Make sure to get it off the bench and in front of your audience! Now that you’ve got one, where should you use your logo? Make sure to start with these 10 spots.