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What Logo Image Files Do I Need?

Interested in designing a logo for your business? If you’ve enlisted in the help of a logo designer or have opted to use a logo maker, then chances are you will receive a number of different logo image files that you can use to market your business. You may be asking: “why do I need multiple

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Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Logos, Which Is Best?

Symmetry versus asymmetry. Order versus chaos. When it comes to logo design, there are those who are vehemently for one side or the other. Understanding Symmetry and Asymmetry Symmetry is what our minds tend to gravitate towards; the design appearance of a symmetrical drawing or piece of art is satisfying and predictable. There is something

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The Best Health & Fitness Logo Designs

If you’re building a business in the health and fitness industry, you know it’s a crowded arena that’s only getting bigger. Making your brand philosophy stand apart from the competition takes time and strategy, starting with a professional logo design. Looking for creative fitness logo ideas to help you brainstorm? We hunted down 12 awesome

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How to Design a Logo With a Slogan

Are you in the process of rebranding your business? One of the most popular changes companies make is re-vamping their logo to include a slogan that better explains their product, service, or business beliefs. The hardest part about creating a logo with a slogan is ensuring that both tie into each other and don’t function

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What Is An Ideal Logo Size?

For such tiny assets, logos sure play a significant role in your social presence as a brand. People see your logo wherever they engage with your business. On TV and computer screens. Store merchandise. Signs and billboards. Digital apps. T-shirts. Print ads. Blurry logo images do nothing for your brand, but they can undoubtedly tarnish

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