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10 Best Non-Profit Logo Designs

When asked to think of a few non-profits, what comes to mind? You are probably envisioning their logo along with their name, and that’s because these organizations have made a point to create a logo that withstands the test of time. Non profit logos, just like any other business logo, take font type, color, space,

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How To Create a Logo for Holiday Cards

The holiday season is officially here! If you’ve been wondering how else you can make your business seem festive this year, sending holiday cards to your employees or valued customers is a thoughtful gesture. Every year, nearly 7 billion holiday cards are purchased and distributed around the world, so you can guarantee this tradition is

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Cyber Monday: Is It Worth It?

There have been a lot of discussions lately about the successes of Cyber Monday and whether or not it is worth it for businesses to partake in the ritualistic shopping event. One thing is sure, however, and it’s that Cyber Monday is quickly overtaking Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year in

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How To Prepare For Small Business Saturday

Retail giants have their Black Friday, global E-commerce sites have their Cyber Monday, so it was about time that small businesses had an opportunity to shine. Back in 2010, American Express started an initiative to celebrate small businesses during the holiday season. What started as a small following quickly became a global phenomenon. Millions of

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The Truth About Free Logo Design Tools

“FREE” is one of the most powerfully motivating words in the English language. Who wouldn’t be excited to get an impressive logo design for free? On the other hand, most of us are conditioned to look for the trapdoor under the pot of gold. If something is free, it probably isn’t worth having. If it’s

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How To Design a Logo For Online Media

With an estimated 3 billion people using the Internet these days, it’s no secret that we are living in an online world. As such, businesses are suddenly moving their marketing and branding tactics online to capture this massive audience. If you’re looking to cut yourself a piece of this online audience, then it’s time to start marketing

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