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8 Must-Have Stationery Items for Your Business

As a business owner, your goal is to always put your best foot forward when marketing to customers. You probably already have a company logo, website, social media pages, and perhaps you’ve ordered a promotional product or two.

But did you know there are more subtle ways that tell customers how professional your business is? One of these oft overlooked details is custom stationery.

Why bother with personalized stationery

While custom stationery might seem to be going to way of the dinosaurs, the reality is that office stationery still plays a significant roll in a business’ day-to-day activities. Below are just a few reasons you should consider adding your business name and logo to your stationery.

  • Highly visible. Custom stationery such as envelopes and Post-It notes are seen by dozens of people before they are discarded. Think back to the last piece of mail you received; chances are the business logo is front and center on the envelope.
  • Affordable. Unlike promotional products such as sunglasses or water bottles, stationery items are much more affordable due to the materials they are made from and the resources/energy it takes to produce these materials.
  • Eco-friendly. While ordering a bunch of paper-based products may seem counter-intuitive when the environment is concerned, keep in mind that there are office stationery materials you can order that are made from recycled paper. Don’t forget that many American consumers will recycle these products after they are done using them or interacting with them. Plastic promotional items such as USB drives or cell phone cases are not as eco-friendly when discarded.
  • Bulk orders. If your business already uses a significant amount of stationery products, you probably know that ordering in bulk is more cost effective. Stationery is more affordable when ordering in bulk, and that doesn’t change when you decide to personalize it.

Essential Custom Stationery Items Your Business Needs

Post-It Notes

Design custom sticky notes with your business logo for a professional look. Post-It notes are perfect for handing out to your employees to use at their desk. Handing pads of sticky notes out to passerby at trade shows and events is also incredibly easy. Don’t forget that a large portion of consumers still use written notes to remind themselves of tasks throughout the day, which means a new stack of Post-Its will always be well-received. Make sure you find a vendor that provides full-color printing and multiple paper color options. We offer both here at LogoMaker, as well as the ability to choose your own font, layout, text, images, and colors for your business logo.


Does your business have a sales team or are you client-facing in any way? If so, handing out a customized notebook to each of your employees will guarantee that hundreds or even thousands of customers see your business logo. Notebooks have a long shelf life due to the number of pages each one has. They also have a large surface area, which means you can include not only your logo design, but also your website, business address, and phone number without the space looking too cluttered.


For any business that needs to hang out more than one piece of paper to a customer or client, a custom folder should be on your list of personalized stationery. Lawyers, doctors and dentists, realtors, sales agents, banks, moving companies and home improvement contractors can all benefit from custom folders. Generally speaking, when important documents such as invoices, quotes, receipts, and printed personal information are placed within a folder, they are generally kept in the folder in order for the individual to stay organized. With a custom folder, individuals will be able to immediately identify what type of information is stored within.


Looking for offline advertising ideas for your business this year? One of the most effective ways to market your business is through insert mailers, fliers, and print marketing. Custom postcards are the perfect print marketing material; they’re durable, affordable, and large enough to include an extensive amount of information. Clothing retailers, grocery stores, novelty or hobby shops, auto mechanics and dentists can all benefit from personalized postcards. Send reminders about appointments, oil changes, sales or coupons to your most loyal customers – each with your logo front and center.

Business Letterheads

Separate yourself from the rest of the competition with custom business letterheads. Business letterheads are meant to be placed on 8.5″x11″ standard sheets of paper and usually run across the top or the page, the bottom of the page, or both. Letterheads are essential to helping customers understand who is sending them mail and information. The main industries who benefit from custom letterheads include universities and schools, medical offices, and insurance companies. However, any business that sends customers mail can benefit from custom business letterheads.


Customized envelopes go hand-in-hand for companies that are already looking to order business letterheads. Personalized envelopes have a short lifespan, but they allow your company to come off as more professional and trustworthy. Unmarked envelopes are often viewed by consumers as spam or unimportant. The best part about custom envelopes is that they don’t have to be for just businesses, these are perfect to order if you are planning an event, wedding, or other celebration. Make sure you order custom envelopes that allow you to include a return address and offer full-color printing for your logo.

Greeting Cards

Custom greeting cards are the perfect personalized stationery item to get customers thinking about your brand during the holidays. Greeting cards offer plenty of room for creativity as long as you choose a vendor that allows you to customize the front and the back of the card. At LogoMaker, you can do just that and more. Upload your business logo or create a holiday-themed logo to add to the greeting card. Include a message or photo on the back as well as your business information. Greeting cards don’t have to be exclusively for your business either. We’re always happy to help individuals create custom cards for their life events.


From laser-printed checks to manual checks and e-checks, personalized checks are still alive and well these days (if you rent an apartment, you are probably aware). If you write checks for wholesalers or vendors, then personalizing these checks will help others easily identify your business. Custom checks are also an essential option for small businesses that don’t have a company credit card yet. Keep in mind that space to add your business logo may be limited on checks, so if you have a responsive logo, think about uploading a different layout version for checks.

Want custom stationery for your business but don’t have a logo yet? No worries, design a logo in minutes using our online logo creator.

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