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How to trademark a business name and logo

How to Trademark a Business Name and Logo - Featured Image

So, you just thought of the perfect business name, created an amazing logo, and want to ensure that no one steals it.  The first step towards legitimizing your business and brand is by registering a trademark for it. Registering a…

How to make business cards: A step-by-step guide

How to Make Business Cards - Featured Image

These days, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on digital marketing whenever business promotion is discussed. However, although efficient, digital marketing is not the only tool that can help businesses grow and expand their reach. Instead, business cards, one of…

How To Add a Logo to WordPress

website developer envisioning a landing page layout

If you’re serious about your business and your brand, you need a logo. Logos help identify your brand to potential customers and stand out from competitors. They define your brand through color, shape, and text for your target audience. You…