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Red Logos: When & Why Your Brand Should Use Them

You’ve worked in your industry for more than a decade — you’re an industry vet. In the past year, you formulated a business plan for your startup, raised enough money to launch it, and devised a plan to manufacture, sell, and distribute your offering. You think that you’re ready to launch your business. Amirite? Unfortunately,

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3 Memorable Branding Stories to Spark Creativity

In the world of fashion, what’s that famous motto of fashion consultant Tim Gunn? “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” For these three businesses, however, that doesn’t exactly ring true. My Subscription Addiction, ModCloth, and TOMS have a combination of 30 years in the fashion industry and quite memorable brands. Each holds

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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

If your definition of social media is Facebook, then you’re on the right path to understanding how to use social media for your business. Facebook is the quintessential form of social media, but it’s not the only aspect of this type of marketing. Online marketing, which covers all types of marketing done via the internet,

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How to Build a Brand: 7 Tried-and-True Tips

Ever feel like you’re working too hard to keep customers coming back? Too often, small business owners make their jobs twice as hard because they don’t take the time to build a brand. They think of branding as optional, instead of treating it as the key to a strong business model. Imagine meeting a person

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4 Most Common Business Logo Myths Debunked

Do you really need a business logo, or can you get by without one? Your logo establishes you in the marketplace. It’s the starting point of your brand identity — the set of values and characteristics that set you apart from other businesses. Without a logo, your visual impact on customers won’t be as strong.

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12 Branding Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

If you’re just starting a business, you may be new to marketing and branding. Having some basic knowledge of branding can be extremely helpful as you start to promote your business. With an understanding of these concepts, you’ll be better prepared to show off your company’s products and services to the world. Here’s a simple

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