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Where do the Logomaker icons come from?

We’re dying to answer this question with something like, “Well, when a mommy logo and a daddy logo…” But we’re a family blog… Actually, this is a question we hear all the time. Where did we get the thousands of icons featured in our logo design software? Each of the icons you see in the Logomaker

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A Great Customer Experience

We love hearing from our customers, especially when they’ve had a great experience with our do-it-yourself logo design tool. Here’s what happy customer Garth Riley of Garth Riley Media sent us this earlier this morning: ” Many thanks Logomaker… The experience with your customer service was worth the purchase alone… Very good and helpful!” Short and

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Introducing the new Logomaker.com!

A little over seven years ago, we wondered what would happen if we built a tool that would help entrepreneurs, students, and hundreds of other would-be designers create beautiful logos for their businesses and projects? There was only one way to find out. So we introduced Logomaker.com—the fastest, easiest, and free-est way to design your

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