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Free SEO Guide From Google

A few years ago, Google put together a little guide to help small business owners optimize their websites for their search engine. Last year they updated the guide with additional content. If you’re new to SEO or have a website that doesn’t appear on the first couple pages of search results for your keywords, then

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The History of the $35 Nike Logo

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Nike logo. You’ve probably heard the story before. Earlier this week NPR host Michelle Norris did a short story on how it all happened. It’s worth a listen. (Click here to listen or read the transcript.) Not knowing how much she should charge, Carolyn

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How Much Is Your Logo Worth?

UPDATE: SINCE THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED, WE’VE WRITTEN A LITTLE MORE ABOUT WHAT YOUR LOGO IS WORTH. CLICK HERE TO READ IT. Yesterday, Inc Magazine published a short article by author John Warrillow about the value of a logo that is worth reading. Check it out here. The net take away? It’s not what

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