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Where Should You Start Your Business?

According to the World Bank, which ranks the world’s 183 economies on the ease of doing business, you may be surprised how difficult it is to start a business in the United States of America these days. Or, if you’ve already tried to start a business in the land of the free, it may not

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Start-ups Are Hard. Read This Post.

We take a short break from our regular posts on subjects like logo design and what not to do with your logo, to write a little more about starting a small business. We hope you find this helpful…   You want to start a new business. You have the idea. Or the skills. You may

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Analyzing Gap’s Logo Design Disaster

In the history of logo design there are lots of notable successes. And a few logo disasters. And while most of the logos-gone-bad belong to small businesses, plenty of big businesses have spent millions on logo designs and re-branding programs that fail badly. One of the worst logo re-designs in history, by far, is Gap’s. Making

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How to Make a Great Logo Design

Your logo design is the face of your brand. More than that, your logo is the face of your business. It’s often the first thing a customer sees on your business card, your website, or your store sign. It’s the one thing that links all of the elements of your brand together. So what makes

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