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Logomaker Small Business Blog.

New Mortgage Company Logo for The Mortgage Institute

This week’s spotlight is on a small business called “The Mortgage Institute”, also known as “L’Institut Hypothécaire” in French. President and CEO, Anthony Melatti, started his company in 2011, after identifying an unmet need in training and preparing mortgage brokers in the Quebec area. With his years of knowledge and experience in the industry, his

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Should You Start Your Own Business?

We ran across a short article a week or so ago called “7 Signs You’re Not Entrepreneur Material.” If you’re thinking of starting a business, stop what you’re doing and read it. A lot of people have a glamorous idea of what starting and running a business is all about. You get to be your

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Pardon Our Dust—We’re Moving

Over the next day or so, we will be working to move Logomaker to a new server installation. While we do this, you may see some slow-downs in our service. We’re truly sorry if this affects a project you are working on. Our goal is to improve the speed of our site overall. We’re grateful

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What Is Success?

We’ve seen this image several times over the past few days. Given our focus on providing tools to help small businesses succeed, we thought it would be appropriate to share too. No doubt you’ve heard all kinds of stories about successful people and successful companies. Instagram anyone? But more often than not, success isn’t easy.

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