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Damask Moon Creates New Logo Design With Logo Maker

Damask Moon™ creates specialized artisan fragrances, jewelry and designs. Their unique boutique style products are handcrafted fresh to order right here in the USA. Charity Holly, owner of Damask Moon™,  has been developing specialized artisan fragrance blends for over 15 years now.  After having an allergic reaction to a popular mainstream department store fragrance, Charity began blending

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Help Us Give charity: water $10,000

At Logomaker, we’re committed to making a difference for our customers who need logos, business cards, or web pages. Once you’ve tried our do-it-yourself logo design tool, we hope you’ll agree. But we want to make a difference to more than just our customers. So we’re making a donation to charity: water. In case you

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Creating a Surfboard Logo Using a Free Logo Maker

Surfboard Island is an online retailer specializing in…you guessed it, surfboards. They offer high quality brand surfboards and surf gear from all over the world.  The site offers detailed search options and an awesome ‘board recommender’ page that enables each customer to find the perfect surfboard. In a note of full disclosure, when I first

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The Story Behind The Krunch Marketing Logo

Have you ever wondering what the story was behind the Geico Gecko or the LaCoste Crocodile? If you haven’t yet, maybe you will now.  Sometimes a logo has a story or meaning behind it. That’s the case with Krunch Marketing, a small hospitality marketing consultant group. Inspiration Behind The Krunch Marketing Logo We asked Ken

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Logo Design Customer Profile: Dadec Field Services

Dadec Inc is a property preservation company that services bank owned properties by repairing, cleaning, and performing routine maintenance in order to bring the properties up to marketable condition and improve overall value, maximizing returns for the seller.  They specialize in maintenance, cleaning, painting, locksmith services, minor repairs, pool maintenance and more. The company plans

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Ingenetek Creates a Technology Logo Using LogoMaker

Ingenetek, pronounced [in-gen-e-tek], is a company with a goal to develop, manufacture, and distribute “ingenious technologies”.  Hence, the company name, Ingentek – a combination of the words ‘Ingenious’ and ‘Technologies’ summarized in the company’s motto, Complex Solutions Simplified™. We thought the folks at Ingenetek did a great job using an ingenious bit of technology called Logomaker

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