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7 Quotes from Felix Baumgartner on Business Success

Okay, technically he wasn’t talking about business success, per se. But “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner knows how to take on a complex challenge, face down unexpected problems, and succeed. Something that small business owners and entrepreneurs do every day. On the 65th anniversary of Chuck Yeager’s legendary flight breaking the sound barrier, Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian

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Do You Need a Logo? Maybe Not.

Since we’re a company that prides itself on having the best online logo maker, you probably didn’t expect to hear this from us, but the truth is, there is some controversy around the need for a professional logo. Really? Are you serious? Yes, that’s right, we asked the question. It’s true that every day we help

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Warren Buffett’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Last week we posted several quotes by Warren Buffett on running a business and finding success. Like just about everyone else, we’re impressed by Mr. Buffett’s ability to start several businesses, then grow one of them—Berkshire Hathaway into an amazingly profitable giant. And from the exotic locale of Omaha, Nebraska, no less. So we wanted

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Damask Moon Creates New Logo Design With Logo Maker

Damask Moon™ creates specialized artisan fragrances, jewelry and designs. Their unique boutique style products are handcrafted fresh to order right here in the USA. Charity Holly, owner of Damask Moon™,  has been developing specialized artisan fragrance blends for over 15 years now.  After having an allergic reaction to a popular mainstream department store fragrance, Charity began blending

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Help Us Give charity: water $10,000

At Logomaker, we’re committed to making a difference for our customers who need logos, business cards, or web pages. Once you’ve tried our do-it-yourself logo design tool, we hope you’ll agree. But we want to make a difference to more than just our customers. So we’re making a donation to charity: water. In case you

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