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Giving Back—A Small Business Strategy

Over the past two weeks, we’ve profiled two entrepreneurs who have been very outspoken about the role of companies in giving back to the communities where they operate. John Mackey calls it “conscious capitalism”. Marc Benioff calls it “compassionate capitalism” and came up with the 1/1/1 model where 1% of profits, 1% of equity, and

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11 Inspiring John Mackey Quotes for Small Business

John Mackey is best known as the college drop-out who (along with his girlfriend) cobbled together $45,000 to start a small health food store called SaferWay in Austin, Texas. Later Mackey joined his store with the Clarksville Natural Grocery and renamed the business, WholeFoods Market. Soon after opening their doors, WholeFoods Market was destroyed by a

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