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Logomaker Small Business Blog.

Logo Design Customer Profile: Dadec Field Services

Dadec Inc is a property preservation company that services bank owned properties by repairing, cleaning, and performing routine maintenance in order to bring the properties up to marketable condition and improve overall value, maximizing returns for the seller.  They specialize in maintenance, cleaning, painting, locksmith services, minor repairs, pool maintenance and more. The company plans

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Ingenetek Creates a Technology Logo Using LogoMaker

Ingenetek, pronounced [in-gen-e-tek], is a company with a goal to develop, manufacture, and distribute “ingenious technologies”.  Hence, the company name, Ingentek – a combination of the words ‘Ingenious’ and ‘Technologies’ summarized in the company’s motto, Complex Solutions Simplified™. We thought the folks at Ingenetek did a great job using an ingenious bit of technology called Logomaker

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Nantucket Pizza Bakery Creates A New Business Logo

Nantucket Pizza Bakery created a business logo using our online logo maker. The local pizzeria is a family owned business located on the small island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. They offer New York style pizzas, fresh salads with homemade dressings, and a variety of tasty treats: cookies, brownies, and cakes. Absolutely everything on Nantucket Pizza Bakery’s menu is made

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Logo Design Customer Spotlight: Unique

“Unique” is a great word. It describes something that is unlike anything else, original, one of a kind.  That is the idea and concept behind Unique. An eclectic business started by a creative husband and wife duo selling all things unique. New, secondhand, refurnished, recycled, hand-made, bulk, items on consignment—if you are looking for something

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10 Inspiring Quotes from Stephen Covey

We were saddened last week to learn of the death of author Stephen R. Covey. He was famous as a professor of business, a speaker and consultant whose writing on organizational and personal behavior impacted millions of people. But Dr. Covey will always be most famous for writing The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,

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