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White Logos: Should You Use White to Represent Your Brand?

The colors you select for your company’s logo, branding, and overall content palette are highly influential. This is why many designers and marketing professionals invest substantial time, research, and money into understanding target audiences and deciding which colors they choose to represent their organization’s brand. The science of color psychology is fascinating! Psychologists have been

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The Stories Behind 8 Famous Tech Logo Fonts

Tech brands can’t overlook the role of great typography in logo design. Modern audiences rapidly devour content with their eyes. Not only does branding have to be unique and relevant; it has to be readable. Technology has a reputation for making things simple and streamlined. People expect tech logo fonts to capture the same transformative

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9 Creative Color Trends to Expect in 2018

Color trends start in fashion and design circles and spread to other industries. One moment, we love warm palettes and harvest colors. The next moment, it’s bright neons and cool grays. But preferences change over time as people embrace different facets of our culture. Colors naturally trigger subconscious emotional responses — some good and some

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