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12 Questions To Ask When Designing a Logo

Ready to launch your company? Do you have the right logo to go with it? The importance of a logo is undeniable because this one image creates brand awareness, marketing opportunities, and communicates your company’s message to the world. With so much responsibility leaning on your logo, you have to get it right. How do you know

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Country Music Band Logos: Telling a Story

When it comes to success in the music industry, some would argue that marketing plays a bigger role than art or talent. Gifted country artists are all around us, but only a tiny fraction of them have the strong brand image to attract a loyal audience. Branding draws fans into your world and encourages them

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8 Unique Medical Logos for Inspiration

Healthcare is one industry that’s never going away. As long as there are medical mysteries to solve, health-related businesses will need strong branding that inspires trust. Yet, striking the perfect balance of authority, warmth, and goodwill in a medical logo is harder than it seems. On one hand, medical environments have a reputation for being

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Our Favorite Education Logo Designs

Education logos have a tendency to fall into a pattern using common symbols, colors, and even fronts. When you think of a school, what comes to mind? Apples. Children. Chalkboard. Desks, pencils, notebooks, etc. Elementry schools are not the only education institutions to blame. Colleges and Universities also fall prey to this logo design problem.

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10 Examples of Creative Education Logos

The education community has an abundance of iconic symbols everyone associates with knowledge, learning, and teachers. Apples. Lightbulbs. Pencils. Diplomas. Graduation caps.   The list is endless, with each symbol more cliche than the last. And who can count the number of shields and interlocking letters used in college logos?  When it’s time to create

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11 Environment & Nature Logos To Inspire You

Eco-friendly businesses and nonprofits have big aspirations, and it can be challenging to get their mission across in a logo. A great design has to personify the goals and commitment of the business while making it clear nature is the focus.  Like most industries, eco-friendly businesses have a stable of well-known colors and symbols that

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