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Borrowing Inspiration for Your Unique Logo Design

In life, imitation may well indeed be the sincerest form of flattery. In logo design, however, it’s called copyright infringement and that’s a big no-no. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t “borrow” ideas from other brands. That is called “inspiration” and let’s face it, basically, every idea you’re ever going to have is

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How to Make a Logo for a Sports Team

Sports are an essential aspect of millions of people’s lives. There are those who follow professional sports teams, those who participate in a local sports club, or both. One of the easiest ways for sports teams to gain attention and loyal fans is through brand marketing — specifically with the use of a logo. A

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What is the Purpose of a Logo?

It’s virtually impossible to walk out of your house and not be met with an onslaught of logos. They’re everywhere. Just stop what you’re doing and take a look around your workspace. You can probably easily count two of them just within five seconds of looking, right? Logos are a part of our every day

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How To Design Animal Logos

Humans and animals have always had a close relationship. We have feared, loved, and respected animals throughout history. Each animal holds a different significance for different people, cultures, and countries. Many animals represent the qualities, virtues, and vices of human beings. They serve as symbols for many organizations and ideas, which is why they’re excellent

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