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How to Design a Logo With a Slogan

Are you in the process of rebranding your business? One of the most popular changes companies make is re-vamping their logo to include a slogan that better explains their product, service, or business beliefs. The hardest part about creating a logo with a slogan is ensuring that both tie into each other and don’t function as separate units, or that neither looks out of place.

Slogans can be just as successful as logo icons when it comes to spreading brand awareness. You can probably name these global companies based on their recognizable slogans:

  • “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • “Just Do It”
  • “Taste the Rainbow”
  • “Eat Fresh”
  • “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s ______”

These slogans are tied perfectly into each company’s logo and brand message that they can be a standalone advertisement if need be. Successful online and offline promotions and marketing tactics over many years played a major role in enabling these brands and their slogans to have a global presence.

But how does one come up with a succinct slogan such as the ones above that ties in well with a logo? Below are a few professional tips regarding how to make a logo with a slogan that will send a clear message to your audience and customers.

How to Make a Logo With a Slogan

Before you think about your company slogan, you need to create a logo first. Your logo design type can be anything you want. You can opt to have a text-only logo, a combination mark logo (using both a business name and icon) or pictorial logo (just an icon). The goal is to ensure that your logo design has room to fit a company slogan. Make sure that the logo isn’t inherently busy; try for a more minimalist logo approach by increases the spaces between shapes or letters and reducing the number of colors used. This will help the customer’s eye travel from the logo to your business slogan.

If you’re unsure how to design a logo yourself, we recommend using a logo maker to customize your design. A logo design tool will help you decide which icons, fonts, styles, and colors you want to use. Most online logo makers also allow you to add a slogan to your logo during the design process.

Coming Up With a Slogan

There are three major tricks that professionals use when they come up with a new business slogan. They are as follows:

  1. Make it short. When it comes to a business logo, you’re limited on space, and therefore limited on the number of characters you can use in your slogan. As a rule of thumb, keep your slogan to either one or two lines of text. The fewer the words the better — just make sure that the phrase or sentence makes sense. If you’re unable to cut down any words, then consider an alternative phrase. Slogans usually range from 4 to 7 words.
  2. Make it catchy. Do whatever it takes to make your slogan stand out against your competitors. Whether you choose a jingle or a rhyme (“The Snack That Smiles Back” or “Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop”), or an assertive statement, promise, or challenge to the customer (“A Diamond Is Forever”, “Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There”, “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One”), be sure you can market it anywhere anytime. Consider whether or not it will be relevant in tomorrow’s market, or for the next generation, or 100 years from now. A catchy slogan is timeless and unforgettable.
  3. Make it informative. Make sure your slogan explains at least one aspect of your business. Whether you pride yourself on your customer service, the year your business was founded, or the product you provide, tie this unique aspect of your company into your slogan. Don’t forget to make sure that the phrase you choose aligns with the rest of your logo. Think about how you can make your informative slogan into a metaphor or alliteration to make it more memorable and catchy.

Combining Your Slogan With Your Logo

After you’ve written down a few slogan ideas, use an online logo maker to combine both your logo and the new slogan. Below are a few quick steps to combining both aspects of your brand image.

  • Add your business name on the first line to ensure that customers read your business name first and foremost.
  • Next, add your business slogan below your business name in order to emphasize what makes your company unique.
  • Finally, decide on a layout for your logo and where you want your text in relation to the logo icon. An online logo maker will make this step easy by providing you with a few layout options. Experiment with your logo icon sandwiched between your business name and slogan, or with the logo icon above both lines of text.

Once you have a layout that looks best, you can further customize the font type, font size and font color of your slogan. Make sure the font type is legible and makes sense for your industry. For example, if you own a clothing boutique or bakery you might opt for a whimsical cursive font. If you run a law firm or consulting firm you may want something authoritative and modern. Always ensure that the text color of your business name and slogan are dark enough that they will stand out against any background. Lastly, try to envision what types of promotional materials you will be adding your new business logo and slogan to. This will help you decide whether or not your logo design will work in the real world, not just as a concept on paper.

Start designing your business logo today using our logo maker!

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