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Logo Design: What Holiday Logo Should You Choose?

It’s the holiday season and everywhere you look shops are decorating their storefronts with symbols related to Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter. Now is the perfect opportunity to get on board with the holiday spirit and design a holiday logo that you can use to market your products and services for the next six to eight weeks.

Benefits of using a holiday logo

The hardest part about this time of year is trying to decide on what holiday logo to use on your promotional products. We recommend doing some research online before you customize and order your new holiday logo. Don’t forget to also ask yourself who your audience is. Are your customers predominantly Christmas shoppers or do they celebrate another holiday during this time of year?

A holiday logo design should be simple yet detailed enough to get your message across. The goal is to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season. The benefit of using a temporary logo for the holidays is you will attract more customers who are out shopping for friends and family. Placing this logo on your promotional products, e-mails, website, social media pages, and mailed flyers will get your loyal customers in the holiday spirit. When marketed correctly, a holiday logo can generate a lot of buzz (anyone remember Starbucks’ red cup?) and create even more awareness for your brand.

Below are a few logo design ideas to consider if you plan on making a custom holiday logo.

Christmas logo ideas

  • Christmas tree. Nothing is more symbolic of Christmas than a decorated evergreen tree. Either stick with the traditional green color or opt for white, silver or light blue depending on your logo style preferences. Christmas tree logos can be intricately detailed with lights and ornaments or very abstract and minimalist.
  • Christmas ornament. A simple logo that’s always associated with the Christmas holiday. The best part about an ornament logo is you can customize what you want to be included within your perfectly round canvas. You can also choose any background color that suits your needs, though sticking with traditional metallic colors or shades of red and green are most associated with the holiday.
  • Poinsettia. A favorite festive plant that’s gifted during the holidays, the poinsettia can be seen displayed throughout people’s homes at Christmas parties. A poinsettia logo is most closely associated with Christmas thanks to its bright red flowers and dark green leaves.
  • Gingerbread cookie. Gingerbread cutouts are synonymous with Christmastime and make for a fun and lighthearted logo for nearly any business. Gingerbread cookie logos are easy to print on promotional products such as mugs, banners, and t-shirts and are easy to recognize due to their distinct color and shape.
  • Reindeer. Rudolph makes his appearance every year and his silhouette is well-known across any generation, making this an ideal Christmas logo design. The movement created by a reindeer mid-jump will help your customer’s eyes travel across your logo, making your brand more recognizable and memorable.
  • Presents. Feel free to get creative with this Christmas logo idea. Wrapped presents can be any shape and size and are perfect if you’re looking to match the colors with those of your original business logo. For a more traditional or formal design, choose reds and greens or metallics such as silver and gold.
  • Santa hat. While including Santa himself might be tempting, keep in mind that this could make your holiday logo too busy or complicated. Your logo should be as simple as possible if you plan on using it on promotional products or in e-mail blasts to customers. Opting for Santa’s hat instead means you have more room to include your business name and company slogan.
  • String lights. Whether they’re colored or traditional white lights, string lights are the perfect Christmas logo if you are looking to keep your brand’s image more minimalistic. A string light holiday icon works perfectly on custom letterheads and postcards, and you can even add it to the top of your business logo.

Hanukkah logo ideas

  • Menorah. The most famous symbol associated with Hanukkah, the menorah if an easily recognizable symbol that appears during the holiday season. The best part about a menorah logo is that you can choose any color you want as the shape itself is identifiable no matter what.
  • Candles. A single candle can be associated with a single day of Hanukkah. The silhouette of a lit candle creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers, which makes your company seem more approachable. Experiment with different icon colors and backgrounds to ensure that this holiday logo is visible against any backdrop.
  • Dreidel. Another easily identifiable Hanukkah symbol that resonates with any generation. The dreidel is a versatile icon that can be placed on letterheads, promotional products, on your website, and elsewhere both online and offline. Try looking for a dreidel icon with both the symbols on each side and one without the symbols.
  • Latkes. A flat pancake eaten during the eight nights of Hanukkah, latkes are the perfect holiday logo for bakeries or patisseries. This seasonal food is a great way to advertise a seasonal product that you offer during this time of year. Adding a few latke logos to your storefront’s window is bound to get customers through your door.
  • Gelt. Originally gifting others gelt meant that they were given monetary coins. These days, gelt is gold-wrapped chocolate coins that are often bundled up in a mesh bag. We recommend keeping your holiday logo simple and opting for an icon of just a few pieces of gelt that can be used on promotional products.
  • Star of David. The star of David, like the menorah, is a readily marketable holiday icon that looks great across any type of promotional product. Make sure that the icon is large enough that it’s recognizable on both a computer screen and on items such as coffee mugs and t-shirts. Experiment with color options and don’t think you just need to opt for blue or white.
  • Sufganiyot. A seasonal tradition much like the latke, sufganiyot is a jelly-filled donut that’s consumed around Hanukkah. While not the most popular symbols, it’s perfect for restaurants, bakeries or patisseries to use to advertise that you offer seasonal treats to customers.

Winter logo ideas

  • Wreath. Wreaths are the perfect little decoration to celebrate the holiday season. While some people may associate wreaths with Christmas, they can in fact just symbolize the spirit of winter. Wreath logos can either be minimalistic or intricate, retro or modern styled. The wreath icon also looks great on any type of promotional material and is very symmetrical.
  • Snowflake. One of the most popular winter logos is the snowflake. Opt for a white, gray, silver, or gold snowflake against a monotone background it you plan on using this symbol both online and offline. Create a snowflake logo that’s as unique as your business using an online logo maker.
  • Mittens. A pair of mittens is the perfect winter logo design for clothing boutiques and adds a touch of warmth and welcoming to your holiday marketing plan. The shape of mittens is also easy to print on just about any surface, including t-shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs.
  • Snowman. A fun and festive way to get into the winter spirit is by opting for a snowman logo. This popular winter logo is perfect for businesses with an audience that ranges from young to old. If your business caters more towards parents with young children, then a snowman logo is perfect to include on stickers, magnets, and holiday greeting cards.
  • Holly branch. Classy, timeless, and elegant, the holly branch is a perfect winter logo to include on business letterheads and holiday greeting cards. Holly is a seasonal bush that features deep green pointed leaves and produces clusters of small, bright red berries. As long as you opt to use the same colors as a holly branch, customers will be able to easily identify what this winter logo is.
  • Hot chocolate. A steaming cup of hot chocolate with a few floating marshmallows on top is the perfect symbol of winter. You will have your customers reminiscing on playing out in the snow and coming inside to warm up with a mug of delicious hot chocolate. If you opt for this holiday logo, decide whether you want it to be designed in a more modern style or whimsical and retro style.
  • Sled. Sleds and sleighs are the perfect winter logo to use on stationary this holiday season. If you are looking for a classic or retro style winter logo, opting for a sled symbol is your best option. Keep in mind that sleds can often be intricately designed, so try and look for a simpler version as a logo that can easily be printed on any surface and looks great in a variety of colors.
  • Snow covered trees. Planning on sending out a company holiday card this year or want to decorate the window on your storefront? Snow covered trees evoke a sense of quiet and beauty and therefore will make your holiday-themed marketing materials look professional and approachable.
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