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Cannabis Logo Ideas For Your Dispensary Business

Now that medical marijuana is a thing (and recreational, for those in select states), dispensaries and grow houses have been popping up all over the US over the past couple of years.

Cannabis (hemp, weed, pot – whatever you want to call it) is a natural drug that helps alleviate a myriad of medical problems including anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and sleep issues. The health benefits of marijuana are nearly limitless, with seemingly every week a new study is published promoting the drug’s positive effects ona longstanding medical issue.

It comes as no surprise that there is a booming cannabis industry in the US thanks to legalization and the uncertainty of the country’s healthcare system. In fact, spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit nearly $57 billion by 2027, $47.3 billion of which will be spent in the US alone.

And now that cannabis growing is a completely legal and professional gig, shouldn’t you also have a professional logo to go along with your new business?

What design elements to consider for a cannabis logo

With so many marijuana dispensaries and grow houses starting up, the market will soon be flooded with competitors. The best way to differentiate yourself from your competition is through the use of branding. From farmers to retailers, the way to get your brand noticed by the public is with a strong brand strategy.medical marijuana logo examples

One of the best places to start when branding your cannabis business is with a marijuana logo. Below are a few tips to help you get started on creating a unique cannabis logo.

Consider imagery associated with marijuana

When we ask you to think about a symbol or icon for cannabis, the first thing you may think about is the infamous bright green pointed leaves of the plant. While most cannabis business owners will opt for this symbol to adorn their logo, don’t forget that you can include other image elements into your design as well.

Medical cannabis logo ideas

For example, if you are opening a medical marijuana dispensary, you may want to include a + (cross) or caduceus symbol to help customers differentiate your medical-based business from recreational dispensaries. You can even get creative and place a cannabis leaf on a pill bottle or lab test bottle.

Cannabis grower logo ideas

If you’re a grower and are planning on opening a grow facility, try looking at some examples of farm logos first. Looking at logos in similar industries such as farming or forestry can help you gather ideas. The best cannabis logos have, in some way, incorporated design elements from other industry logos.

Recreational cannabis logo ideas

One of the largest cannabis markets is the recreational market. If you are a dispensary that provides recreational marijuana, then look to design a logo that is fun, creative, and gets the point across that you sell to those without a medical prescription. Business names such as “Toke signals” “Just hit it” “Studio 420” and “Cannabites” will help give customers a first impression about what types of cannabis products and services you provide.

Include color in your marijuana logo designmarijuana icons

When it comes to creating a cannabis logo, customers will expect to see some shade of green in the design as it is part of what makes the plant so identifiable. However, feel free to get as creative as you want regarding what shade of green. Not sure what shades of green would look best? Before you even start the design process using an online logo maker, research a few popular and appropriate green hex codes.

Other colors that mesh well with green include black, white, tan, and grayscale colors. We suggest keeping the color pallette to a minimum of 3 colors. If you choose more than 3 colors for your logo design, it can look too busy and customers will have a hard time identifying your logo on promotional products as well as across the internet. Always ask yourself: will this look good on a pen, a website, or a tote bag? If not, reconsider the colors and try again.

The best fonts for cannabis business logos

Fonts play an important role in any business logo. For cannabis companies, the font you choose will play a significant role in the types of customers you are trying to attract. If you are a medical dispensary or offer boutique services and experiences to your clients, then consider a clean, professional, and modern font. Here are a few free professional font ideas to choose from.

If you are catering more towards college students or recreational users, try experimenting with different playful block lettered fonts or bubble fonts. Cursive fonts and hand-drawn font styles are also making a comeback these days.

Ready to design a professional cannabis logo for your grow house or dispensary? Visit our logo maker and create as many variations of marijuana logos as you want – only pay for the one you love.

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