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Top 10 Reasons to Have Branded Office Supplies

As a business owner, one of your main goals should be to do whatever it takes to stand out in the sea of small businesses scattered all across the country.

There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S. today. And almost all of them are going to great lengths to attract attention from potential clients and customers.

There are so many different ways in which you can create separation between your company and all the other companies that are out there. But one of the simplest ways to do it is by creating branded office supplies for your business that feature your company’s name and custom logo.

From pens and notebooks to stationary and mouse pads, there are lots of custom office supplies you can create. Here are 10 reasons why you should do it.

1. Forces You to Consider Your Company’s Image

What image do you want your small business to project to the world?

That’s a question you’ll have to answer before investing in branded office supplies. It’s also a question you should ask yourself early and often in a more general sense.

Maybe you want to give clients and customers the impression that your company is very straightforward and serious. Or maybe you want them to know that your company is more silly and lighthearted.

Whatever the case, you can work on projecting your intended image when designing custom office supplies. Your supplies will set the tone for the image you’re attempting to create.

2. Motivates You to Create a High-Quality Logo

Every business needs a high-quality logo to be successful. Without one, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to build up brand recognition.

Yet, there are still many companies out there that spend very little time, effort, and money creating logos. They slap together something half-decent and convince themselves it’ll be good enough to command attention in the business world.

This won’t be an option when you know you’re going to be investing in branded office supplies. You’ll need a high-quality logo to make your supplies look the best they can, and you might even think about working with a designer to come up with one.

3. Makes It Easier to Network With Others

In order to run a successful small business, networking is essential. You need to network with other businesses, clients, customers, and more.

Custom office supplies will make it easier for you to network with others, even when you’re not necessarily trying to do it. The simple act of sending a letter with your company’s name and logo on it or handing a client a branded pen and telling them to keep it will help your networking efforts.

4. Allows You to Market Your Company Effectively

Your small business might be capable of providing people with the best products or services in the world. But that won’t mean anything if you’re not able to market your company effectively day in and day out.

You can market your business by:

  • Running advertisements on TV and on the radio as well as in newspapers and magazines
  • Sponsoring events within your community
  • Coming up with creative guerrilla marketing campaigns

But you can also do it by using branded office supplies as marketing products. When you hand out pens, notebooks, and other branded merchandise to customers, it’ll help spread the word about your business.

5. Sets Your Company Apart From the Competition

No matter what kind of small business you run, you’ll likely have at least a few competitors in your general area. Your job is going to be to come up with ways to set your company apart from them.

Ordering custom office supplies is one way to do it. Clients and customers will remember your company over all the rest when you provide them with marketing products.

6. Showcases Your Company’s Commitment to Quality

When people think about your company, does the word “quality” come to mind?

If it doesn’t, that could be a problem. It means your clients and customers aren’t impressed with your company’s commitment to quality or lack thereof.

Quality will be one of the first words that people think of when they see that you rely on branded office supplies. It’ll show that your company is committed to doing the small things that it takes to build a winning brand.

7. Gives Your Employees Supplies They’ll Need Anyway

When you run a small business, there’s no getting around ordering at least some office supplies for you and your employees. You’ll need:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebooks and notepads
  • Folders
  • Sticky notes
  • Envelopes

If you’re going to be ordering these things anyway, why not take it to the next level by customizing them first?

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8. Inspires Employees to Take Pride in Their Work

If you’re constantly cutting corners and trying to spend as little money as possible, your employees are going to take notice. They’re going to start cutting corners, too, and fail to take pride in their work.

But when you go the extra mile and invest in something like branded office supplies, your employees will take notice of that as well. They’ll see that you’re doing everything in your power to build a better business—and they’ll respond by giving you their best effort each and every day.

9. Encourages Employees to Create Less Waste

American companies create tons of waste—both literally and figuratively— every year. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, companies create approximately 8 metric tons of waste for every $1 million they make.

If you want to limit the amount of waste your company creates, buying branded office supplies could do the trick. They’ll look and feel more important than ordinary office supplies, which will reduce the chances of your employees discarding them.

10. Proves to Be a Worthwhile Investment Overall

Purchasing branded office supplies as opposed to regular office supplies will often cost you a little bit more money.

But as you’ve seen here, it’ll be well worth the investment on your part. Your custom office supplies will work hard on your company’s behalf in so many ways and increase your chances of being more profitable moving forward.

Buy Branded Office Supplies for Your Business Today

Buying branded office supplies is one of the best things you can do for your company. You’ll start reaping the rewards right away when you do it.

But before you order them, make sure you have a perfect custom logo in place. It’ll bring your office supplies to life and allow them to make a real impact.

Start making your logo today so that you can order your office supplies soon.

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