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The best Logo Makers for small business in 2024 (free + paid)

Coming up with a unique and attractive logo idea that represents your brand is challenging.

Of course, you may think, “I can just hire a graphic designer to create a logo for me.” However, working with a professional designer is often expensive, starting at several hundred dollars. Investing that much money upfront into a logo isn’t feasible for many small businesses and startups.

You might also worry that a designer won’t fully understand your vision for your brand because communicating the intangible aspects of your business and style can be difficult. What if you spend all that money and time only to end up with a logo you’re not thrilled with?

However, with a DIY logo maker, you can easily explore different logo concepts, templates, colors, and layouts to find the perfect fit for your brand.

For example, a tool like LogoMaker provides thousands of personalized and AI-generated logo designs online. It integrates with AI to help you automate the logo creation process.

Let’s dive in and explore the top logo makers for small businesses in 2024.

Key takeaways

  1. A well-designed logo is crucial for small businesses to establish a strong brand identity, increase brand recognition, convey professionalism, differentiate from competitors, and create an emotional connection with the target audience.
  2. When choosing a logo maker tool, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, design quality, output formats, and additional branding features.
  3. LogoMaker stands out as the best overall logo maker for small businesses in 2024, offering an intuitive interface, AI-powered technology, extensive customization options, affordable pricing, and comprehensive branding tools.
  4. Other top logo makers for small businesses include Canva, Looka, Hatchful by Shopify, Tailor Brands, Wix Logo Maker, Designhill, BrandCrowd, and Smashing Logo, each with unique features and benefits.

The importance of logo design for small business

Investing in professional logo design may seem like a low priority when focused on your business’s day-to-day operations.

However, a strong logo can significantly impact your company’s success. Here are five key reasons why logo design is so important for small businesses:

Brand recognition

Logos enable consumers to identify and remember your brand more easily. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so a distinctive logo will help your business stick in people’s minds.

Also, in a study, 4 out of 5 consumers said a logo helps them recognize a brand. 

When your logo is consistently displayed across all your marketing channels, it creates a cohesive brand image that customers will associate with your company.


A high-quality logo signals that your small business is established and trustworthy. It shows that you’ve put thought and effort into your branding, which can make customers more likely to take you seriously.

A sloppy or outdated logo, on the other hand, may make your company seem amateurish or unreliable. So, investing in a polished logo design and keeping your branding consistent across all channels demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and attention to detail.


How does your small business differentiate itself from others in your industry?

A unique logo helps your company stand apart and avoid blending in with the competition.

Think, for example, of the Apple logo or the golden arches of McDonald’s. These logos are instantly recognizable worldwide and clearly differentiate these brands from their competitors.

mcdonalds logo in street

It doesn’t matter if the McDonalds’ ‘M’ is blurred, cut out, or in black and white. Everyone around the world will still be able to recognize it.

Emotional connection

A logo can be an emotional trigger. The right logo design can evoke positive feelings and associations in your target audience.

For example, a playful logo might convey friendliness and approachability. A sleek, minimalist design might suggest sophistication and efficiency.

First impressions matter

Your logo is often the first thing potential customers will see of your brand, whether on your website, business card, or social media profile.

A compelling and professional logo makes a strong first impression, signaling that your business is credible and high-quality.

It’s your chance to communicate your brand’s essence at a glance and to invite people to learn more about what you offer.

What to look for in a logo maker tool

logomaker SERP

There’s no shortage of logo makers out there. The variety is impressive, but how do you know which service to choose?

You’ll want to look for a platform that offers a wide range of customization options, an intuitive interface, high-quality output files, and affordable pricing. Additionally, some logo makers provide extra features like AI-powered design suggestions, brand identity packages, and social media templates.

Here are other essential elements to evaluate when selecting a logo-maker tool.

Ease of use

A good logo maker should be intuitive and user-friendly, especially for those without graphic design experience.

Look for a platform with a simple drag-and-drop interface or guided design process. The tool should provide pre-designed templates and elements that you can easily customize to fit your brand.

Avoid logo makers that are overly complex or require a steep learning curve.

Customization options

Templates give you a solid starting point, but you’ll want the ability to personalize your logo to make it truly yours.

Seek a logo maker with various design elements, icons, fonts, colors, and layouts.

The more customization options available, the more flexibility you’ll have to create a unique logo that reflects your brand identity.

Design quality

Choose a logo maker that offers high-quality design assets, such as vector graphics and a diverse selection of modern fonts.

The platform should also provide tools for fine-tuning your design, like adjusting spacing, transparency, and layering.

Before committing to a logo maker, browse their template gallery and customer examples to ensure their design style aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Quality of output formats

Once you’ve created your logo, you’ll need to download it in various file formats and resolutions to use across different mediums.

Go for a logo maker that lets you download your logo in high-resolution vector files (such as EPS or SVG), which can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

You’ll also want the option to download raster files (like PNG or JPG) for web and social media use. Most logo makers offer a free low-resolution download with the option to pay for higher-quality files.

Branding extensions

While your logo is the foundation of your brand identity, other elements contribute to a cohesive brand image.

Some logo makers go beyond logo design and offer additional branding assets, such as business card templates, brand style guides, and social media kits.

These extras can be valuable for your small business, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your marketing materials.

Best logo maker tools for small businesses

To help you find the best logo maker for your needs, we’ve rounded up our top picks for small businesses in 2024.

  1. LogoMaker
  2. Canva
  3. Looka
  4. Hatchful by Shopify
  5. Tailor Brands
  6. Wix Logo Maker
  7. Designhill
  8. BrandCrowd
  9. Smashing Logo

We’ll discuss each logo maker’s features, benefits, and pricing so you can make an informed decision for your small business.

1. LogoMaker

LogoMaker homepage

LogoMaker is a powerful online tool that simplifies the logo design process for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. With our user-friendly interface and AI-driven technology, we’re giving you the tools to create professional-looking logos quickly.

One of LogoMaker’s standout features is the AI-powered logo generator that has successfully created logos for over 40 million businesses. By entering your company name and industry, our tool generates logo designs tailored to your needs. This feature saves time and effort, providing a solid starting point for your logo design.

And it’s free to generate your logo. No credit card is required until you’ve created a logo that you’re happy with.

LogoMaker then provides a user-friendly editor to adjust colors, fonts, and layout until you’re completely satisfied with your design.

Once you’ve finalized your design, you can download your logo in various sizes and formats by purchasing one of our logo packages. Additionally, we offer complementary products such as business cards, promotional items, and website packages.

Features of LogoMaker

1. Free to use

You can create and edit your logo for free. Once you’re happy with how you’ve designed your logo, you can download it in various sizes and formats with one of our logo packages.

The free-to-use model encourages experimentation and creativity.

You can explore various design options, color schemes, and font combinations without the pressure of committing to a payment upfront.

logomaker logo editor tool

This flexibility lets you take time to craft a logo that genuinely resonates with your brand identity and target audience.

2. AI-driven logo creation

LogoMaker leverages AI technology to generate professional logo designs based on your company names and industries. This feature is useful for small business owners who may not have a clear vision of their ideal logo or lack design experience.

To start the AI-driven logo creation process, simply input your company name and select your industry from the dropdown menu. 

logomaker ai logo maker page screenshot

Next, choose how you would like your logo to look like. For example, do you want to emphasize one letter on your logo, or do you want to place the text inside a badge?

logo maker ai design tool how to

You can then choose the font you want. This helps our AI understand your preferences and the kind of logo you’re looking for.

LogoMaker’s AI algorithm analyzes this information and generates a series of logo designs tailored to your business’s needs and aesthetics.

logomaker ai logo design examples

The AI-generated logos serve as a starting point for the design process, providing you with creative options. You can customize these designs to align with your brand identity by adjusting colors, fonts, layouts, and other design elements.

3. Additional services

In addition to its core logo creation tool, LogoMaker offers various complementary services to help you establish a cohesive and professional brand identity across multiple platforms.

These additional services include:

  • Business cards
  • Promotional items
  • Website packages

With the business card service, you can create custom business cards featuring your newly designed logo. If you already have a logo, you can upload it to our business card app and get fast and affordable printing results.

LogoMaker also offers promotional items, such as custom mugs, banners, t-shirts, and button-downs, which you can customize with your logo. These items are effective marketing tools, helping you increase brand visibility and recognition.

Furthermore, LogoMaker provides website packages. These packages include:

  • A website builder
  • Hosting services
  • Design tools that ensure a consistent brand identity across your website

The additional services demonstrate LogoMaker’s commitment to supporting small businesses throughout their branding journey.

By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services, LogoMaker enables you to create a cohesive and professional brand identity beyond just logo design.

4. Fully customizable designs

LogoMaker offers fully customizable logo designs, allowing you to create a logo representing your brand identity.

With an extensive library of thousands of logo templates, we provide a selection to suit various industries, aesthetics, and preferences.

Once you have selected a template, you can access our user-friendly editor to customize the design. The editor allows you to adjust colors, fonts, and layout, providing granular control over the logo’s appearance.

logomaker customizable designs

This level of customization ensures that each logo created through our platform is unique.

The customization options extend beyond basic elements like color and font. You can also add or remove icons, shapes, and other graphic elements to refine your logo design further.

This flexibility lets you create a logo that accurately reflects your brand personality, values, and target audience.

5. Customer support

At LogoMaker, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and offer dedicated support to our users.

We value customer feedback and are committed to resolving any issues or concerns arising during the logo creation process or when using any of our additional services.

Pricing and subscription options of LogoMaker

LogoMaker excels at providing flexible and affordable options for your logo design needs. Unlike some other platforms, we don’t have a subscription model. 

Instead, we offer a fixed-price model with three packages: Basic, Essential, and Premium.

Logomaker pricing and subscription options

Our Basic package is completely free.

  • It allows you to store unlimited logo designs on our platform for as long as you need.
  • With this package, you can add your logo to various promotional items, from business cards to polos, and even design one-time-use logos for events and more.

The Essential package, priced at $40.00, includes everything in the Basic package, plus all the downloadable files you need to start your business.

  • You’ll receive file sizes and formats suitable for use on print or digital materials, as well as vector design files (.svg, .eps) that can be manipulated in professional design software.
  • You’ll get black-and-white versions of your logo for specific print needs and enjoy lifetime storage and unlimited use of your logo files.

If you’re seeking even more flexibility and options to market your business online, our Premium package, priced at $60.00, is the perfect solution.

  • This package includes everything in the Essential package, along with increased brand flexibility through unlimited logo edits for a year from the date of purchase.
  • You’ll also receive specific logo files optimized for promoting your business on social media.

With LogoMaker, you can explore thousands of customizable templates, experiment with colors, fonts, and layouts, and create a unique logo. Our Basic package allows you to design and store logos for free.

Get started with LogoMaker today and create your logo right now! No credit card or purchases are required until you’re happy with the results.

2. Canva

canva homepage

If you’ve ever researched graphic design, no doubt Canva has surfaced as a popular choice. It’s used by over 170 million people monthly.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, and wide range of design tools, Canva has become the go-to solution for small businesses looking to create stunning visual content without needing professional design skills.

With thousands of professionally designed templates, you can easily find inspiration or a solid starting point for your projects.

This platform also has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which makes it incredibly easy to create beautiful designs.

Features and benefits of Canva

1. Drag-and-drop interface

With Canva’s drag-and-drop editor, you can simply select the elements you want to use, such as images, shapes, or text, and drag them onto your canvas.

From there, you can resize, rotate, and position these elements to create a layout that perfectly fits your vision.

The drag-and-drop interface makes experimenting with different design elements and layouts easy.

2. Massive stock resources

Canva has an extensive library of stock resources, including photos, illustrations, icons, audio tracks, and more that you can easily incorporate into your designs.

Their premium subscription, Canva Pro, gives you access to over 100 million of these assets, so you’ll always have visual elements to enhance your creations.

3. Brand kit

The Brand Kit lets you store and easily access your brand’s essential visual elements, such as your logo, color palette, and fonts.

canvas brand kit screenshot

By centralizing these assets in one place, Canva makes it simple to apply your brand’s style guide to any design you create on the platform.

You can create a wide range of branded content without worrying about inconsistencies or deviations from your established visual identity.

4. AI-powered design

Canva has a tool called Magic Studio. It helps you generate custom, on-brand, and attention-grabbing designs in seconds.

This AI tool is perfect for small business owners, marketers, or anyone looking to create professional-quality content quickly and easily.

Magic Studio understands and interprets natural language. Instead of manually searching for specific design elements or templates, you can simply describe what you’d like to see using plain English.

For example, you might type in “a colorful social media post featuring a product launch announcement,” and Magic Studio will generate a series of design options that match your description.

It’s important to note that since this AI isn’t specifically trained to create logos, the results from using it to create one are going to be a bit all over the place.

Pricing and subscription options of Canva

Canva offers a range of pricing and subscription options to suit the needs of individuals and teams of all sizes.

Canva pricing comparison

Canva offers individuals two main options: Canva Free and Canva Pro.

  • Canva Free: You can access Canva’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, 250,000+ free templates, and 100+ design types. You can also access a library of 1 million+ free photos and graphics to enhance your designs.
  • Canva Pro: $6.49 per month for one person. Canva Pro unlocks premium features, including unlimited access to 610,000+ templates and a library of 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio tracks, and graphics.

For teams and larger organizations, Canva offers Canva for Teams. This plan starts at $12.99 per month for the first five people and includes all the features of Canva Pro, plus additional tools to help you collaborate and manage your brand at scale.

3. Looka

Looka Homepage

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker that helps small businesses create professional, unique logos quickly and easily.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced machine learning algorithms, Looka streamlines the logo design process, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their design skills or experience.

One of Looka’s key features is its AI-driven logo generator. To get started, you provide basic information about your business, industry, and preferred styles. Looka’s AI algorithm analyzes this information and generates a series of logo designs tailored to your business.

Looka’s logo generator is powered by a deep learning system trained on millions of successful logo designs. By analyzing these logos’ colors, fonts, shapes, and compositions, Looka’s AI can create new, original designs optimized for your industry and brand personality.

Features and benefits of Looka

1. Customization options

After you’ve chosen a base logo design generated by Looka’s AI, you can use the platform’s intuitive editing tools to refine and personalize your logo further.

This level of customization ensures that your final logo perfectly captures your brand’s unique identity and style.

You can adjust colors, fonts, layouts, symbols, and spacing to match your vision precisely.

2. Brand kit

Looka’s Brand Kit is a powerful feature that helps you establish a cohesive and professional visual identity across all your marketing materials.

By leveraging your newly created logo, color palette, fonts, and photos, Looka generates a comprehensive set of over 300 branded templates that you can use to promote and grow your business.

So, after creating your logo with Looka, you can easily access your Brand Kit dashboard. 

3. Social media assets

Looka generates customized versions of your logo optimized for various social media platforms, saving you time resizing for different profiles.

While the templates provide a solid starting point, you can customize them to fit your needs.

Pricing and subscription options of Looka

Looka offers four main pricing options for purchasing your logo and accessing its powerful branding tools.

Looka pricing comparison
  • Basic Logo Package: $20 (single payment), including one PNG logo. Ideal for basic, introductory branding requirements, offering a simple, low-res logo.
  • Premium logo package: $65 (single payment), features high-resolution files, endless modifications, and perpetual rights.
  • Brand kit web subscription: $96 annually, incorporates all benefits of the enhanced package along with additional templates, suitable for regular clients.
  • Brand kit web subscription: $129 annually, extends the branding suite with website design services, perfect for comprehensive online presence needs.

4. Hatchful by Shopify

hatchful by shopify homepage

Hatchful by Shopify is a free online logo maker developed by the e-commerce giant Shopify. It’s tailored for business owners who need a quick, straightforward solution for their branding needs without investing heavily in design resources.

The tool appeals to startups, online stores, and anyone looking to establish a cohesive brand identity.

The process of creating a logo with Hatchful is simple and user-friendly. You start by choosing your business space, which helps Hatchful understand the nature of your industry and suggest relevant design elements.

From there, you select your preferred visual style from various options, such as modern, classic, creative, and more. Based on your selections, Hatchful generates logo designs tailored to your brand.

In addition, Hatchful’s integration with Shopify’s ecosystem offers added convenience for users who run or plan to start an online store with Shopify. The seamless connection lets you easily apply your new logo across your Shopify store and marketing materials.

Features and benefits of Hatchful

1. Simple, guided process

Hatchful focuses on ease of use. You start by selecting your industry, choosing visual styles, and adding your business name and slogan (optional). Based on your input, Hatchful generates logo suggestions.

2. Choose from hundreds of templates

In addition to its user-friendly onboarding process, Hatchful offers a wide selection of professionally designed logo templates.

The platform boasts hundreds of templates, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality options.

3. Logo design studio

Hatchful’s logo design studio offers customization capabilities.

Once you’re presented with initial logo designs based on your industry and style preferences, the studio allows you to customize them further.

You can add icons that resonate with your brand’s identity, customize the color palette to match your brand’s aesthetic, change fonts to convey the right message and personality, and edit layouts to ensure the logo composition looks balanced and professional.

Pricing and subscription options of Hatchful

Hatchful by Shopify is entirely free to use. There are no paid plans, premium features, or hidden costs.

Here’s what you get with Hatchful’s free offering:

  • Access to their entire logo template library
  • Basic customization tools
  • Ability to generate and download high-resolution logo files in various formats
  • Social media-ready profile pictures and cover images based on your logo

5. Tailor Brands

tailor brands homepage

With its user-friendly interface and AI-driven technology, Tailor Brands simplifies designing logos, building websites, and creating various branding assets. It’s an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

While Tailor Brands isn’t necessarily a logo maker, it’s still a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform generates professional-looking logos based on your specific business information and design preferences.

Simply input your company name, select your industry, and choose your preferred design styles, and Tailor Brands will provide you with a range of logo options tailored to your needs.

This innovative approach to logo design saves time and effort.

Features and benefits of Tailor Brands

1. AI-powered design

Tailor Brands uses artificial intelligence to generate professional logo designs based on your business information and preferences.

By analyzing your inputs, such as your company name, industry, and preferred design styles, the platform’s AI algorithm creates custom logo options tailored to your specific needs.

2. Additional business tools

After creating your logo, you can use the platform to build a beautiful website, create digital business cards, and even print branded merchandise.

Tailor Brands also provides services to help you form an LLC, obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN), and secure a trademark to protect your business’s name and reputation across the United States.

3. Website building tools

Tailor Brands offers website-building tools to help you create a stunning online presence that aligns with your brand identity.

You can choose from a selection of DIY templates or use the platform’s automatic website builder to create a custom site tailored to your needs. You can also hire their in-house experts to design your business website.

Pricing and subscription options of Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers three subscription options.

tailor brands pricing comparison
  • Basic: $9.99 per month
  • Standard: $19.99 per month
  • Premium: $49.99 per month

6. Wix Logo Maker

wix logo maker homepage

Wix Logo Maker is a natural extension of the popular Wix website builder. It focuses on providing a simple and accessible logo creation solution for businesses already within the Wix ecosystem.

Like other AI-powered tools, Wix Logo Maker gathers information about your business and style preferences. It then generates logo concepts tailored to your needs.

You can then fine-tune your logo’s design by adjusting colors, fonts, icons, spacing, and layouts. While not as extensive as some standalone logo makers, it provides essential customization tools.

The biggest draw of Wix Logo Maker is its seamless connection to your Wix website (for those using the platform). You can easily incorporate your logo into your website design, ensuring cohesion across your branding.

Features and benefits of Wix Logo Maker

1. AI-powered logo generation

Wix Logo Maker simplifies the initial design process by using AI.

Input your business information and preferences, and it creates unique logo concepts catering to your style. This provides a starting point and creative inspiration.

2. Seamless Wix integration

The biggest advantage for Wix users is the ability to add your logo to your website instantly.

This ensures a consistent look across your online presence, enhancing brand recognition.

3. Customization options

To personalize your logo design, you can tweak fonts, colors, layouts, and icons.  

While the tools aren’t as in-depth as those of some dedicated logo makers, you have enough flexibility to tailor your logo to fit your brand.

You also get other branding tools like business card markers and name generators.

Pricing and subscription options of Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker offers two plans:

  • Basic Files ($20): This package includes high-resolution PNG files in various sizes for web use. It is suitable for most basic online needs.
  • Advanced Files ($50):  Includes everything in the Basic plan, plus scalable vector files (SVG) ideal for print and large-scale use, a social media kit with resized versions for various platforms, and full commercial usage rights.

7. Designhill

Designhill Homepage

Designhill offers a unique approach to logo design. It functions as a DIY logo maker and a crowdsource design platform, giving you multiple ways to achieve your branding goals.

Like other tools, Designhill offers an AI-powered logo maker. After you provide your business details, the tool will suggest initial design concepts to get you started. You can then customize your logo within the editor.

It differentiates itself by offering a wide range of services, from logo creation and graphic design to web design and branded merchandise, all facilitated through a platform that connects clients with a global community of professional designers.

Features and benefits of Designhill

1. Design contests

The core feature of Designhill is the ability to launch a design contest. You submit a creative brief outlining your requirements, and designers worldwide compete by sending in logo concepts. You pick your favorite and pay for the winning design.

2. One-on-one projects

Designhill allows you to work directly with individual designers if you prefer a more collaborative and personalized approach.

This setup ensures personalized attention and a bespoke design process tailored to your needs and feedback.

3. Ready-made logo store

For those on a tight schedule or budget, Designhill offers a selection of pre-designed logos that can be customized and purchased instantly.

This feature provides a quick and straightforward solution for getting a professional logo without the wait time.

Pricing and subscription options of Designhill

The DIY logo maker’s subscription is separate from the cost of design contests or one-on-one projects.

designhill pricing comparison
  • Basic plan: $20 one-time fee. It’s designed for individuals or businesses with limited budgets at the beginning stages of their branding journey. For a one-time fee, you receive a low-resolution logo file.
  • Premium: $65 (one-time). This package offers high-resolution logo files and additional benefits, making it a comprehensive package for serious branding efforts.
  • Enterprise: $125 (one time). Tailored for businesses looking for custom-designed solutions created by expert logo designers.

8. BrandCrowd

brandcrowd homepage screenshot

BrandCrowd is an online logo maker platform that offers over 9600 high-quality, professionally designed logo templates for various industries and niches.

This platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Regardless of your graphic design skills, it lets you find and customize a logo that perfectly fits your brand’s personality and goals.

BrandCrowd’s user-friendly interface makes selecting, customizing, and downloading a logo efficient and enjoyable.

Features and benefits of BrandCrowd

1. Extensive logo template library

BrandCrowd offers a vast collection of over 9,600 professionally designed logo templates. 

Brandcrowd logo template library page

This extensive library covers various industries and styles, ensuring you can find a template that aligns with your brand’s personality and niche.

The diverse selection of templates provides ample inspiration and a solid starting point for your logo design, saving you time and effort in the creative process.

2. Real-time preview

As you customize your logo, BrandCrowd’s real-time preview feature lets you see how your changes affect the overall design.

This instant feedback helps you make informed decisions about your logo’s appearance, ensuring you create a visually appealing and effective design.

The real-time preview also saves time by eliminating the need to switch between editing and preview modes.

3. Branding assets

In addition to logo design, BrandCrowd provides branding assets to help you establish a cohesive visual identity across all your marketing channels. The platform offers customizable templates for business cards, social media posts, email signatures, and more.

Pricing and subscription options of BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd offers a straightforward and affordable pricing structure for its logo design and branding services.

brandcrowd pricing comparison
  • Premium logo plan: $9 monthly. This plan provides scalable versions of your logo that can be resized without losing quality, which is essential for everything from business cards to billboards.
  • Standard logo pack: $18 monthly. This pack ensures that your logo files are stored safely and can be accessed or downloaded anytime in the future without worrying about losing them.

9. Smashing Logo

Smashing logo home page screenshot

Smashing Logo creates logos that heavily feature your business name or slogan. This platform could be a great fit if your brand identity strongly relies on a powerful name.

While Smashing Logo prioritizes typographic excellence, it doesn’t entirely sacrifice visual elements.

The platform offers a selection of subtle icons and graphics that complement your business name without overpowering it. This allows you to add a touch of symbolism to your logo while maintaining that strong textual focus.

Features and benefits of Smashing Logo

1. Premium pantone colors

Smashing Logo understands the importance of color in design and offers an extensive selection of over 300 premium Pantone colors for you to choose from.

This allows you to select the perfect shades that align with your brand’s personality, values, and target audience.

2. Text-centric designs

Smashing Logo offers fonts and text layouts to help you create a logo that emphasizes your business name.

You’ll find a font that perfectly represents your brand’s personality.

3. Simple customization

The editor maintains a streamlined experience. For personalization, you can easily adjust fonts, colors, and basic icon placement.

You can even create your logo without signing up.

Pricing and subscription options for Smashing Logo

Smashing Logo pricing comparison
  • Trial (free): You can explore the platform’s features and design capabilities without any upfront payment.
  • Lite ($179.99 one-time payment): This plan provides high-resolution logo files for a one-time payment of $179.99.
  • Business ($219.99 one-time payment): This option offers excellent value for money, providing you with high-resolution logo files and additional features designed to support your branding efforts.
  • Premium ($289.99 one-time payment): For businesses with more extensive branding needs.

How do these small business logo makers compare?

To help you evaluate the best logo design tool for your needs, we’ve comprehensively compared the top logo makers for small businesses.

This comparison will help you identify the logo maker offering the best features, usability, and value for your small business.

Logo MakerFunctionalityUser-Friendly InterfaceCostCustomization OptionsTemplates AvailableAverage Score
Wix Logo Maker4.
Smashing Logo4.

Conclusion: Choosing the right logo maker for your small business

Choosing the right logo maker is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your brand’s success.

Data shows that 60% of consumers will likely avoid your brand if they find your logo unattractive, unpleasant, or strange.

However, with so many logo maker tools available, each offering different features, prices, and design options, it can be challenging to know which is best for your needs.

While other logo makers like Canva, Looka, and Tailor Brands also offer impressive features and benefits, LogoMaker’s exceptional performance across all key areas makes it the clear frontrunner.

By choosing LogoMaker for your logo design needs, you can be confident that you’re investing in a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution to help your small business build a strong, memorable brand identity.

Get started with LogoMaker today and try it yourself. Create your logo now. No payment commitments until you’re satisfied with the design.

Best logo maker for small businesses: FAQs

What is the best logo maker for a business?

LogoMaker is the best logo maker for a business, given its high average score for functionality, user-friendliness, cost, customization options, and templates available. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools suitable for various branding needs.

How do I create a logo for my LLC?

Begin by defining your brand’s core – its mission, values, target demographic, and unique qualities. Choose a suitable logo maker, like LogoMaker, Canva, or Looka, considering their features, cost, and user-friendliness. Seek inspiration from logos across various industries, pinpointing likes and dislikes. Opt for a logo style that mirrors your brand, such as modern, minimalist, or vintage. Utilize the chosen tool to experiment with colors, fonts, and icons that resonate with your brand until the ideal logo is crafted.

Is $500 too much for a logo design?

Whether $500 is too much for a logo design depends on several factors, including the design’s complexity, the designer’s experience level, and your business’s specific needs.

Over 67% of small business owners will pay around $500 for a professional logo, indicating that this price point is acceptable for many. However, only 18% are willing to pay more than $1,000, highlighting a preference for more affordable options for small businesses and startups.

However, note that there are no standard logo design prices, as costs can vary widely based on the project’s scope and the designer’s or agency’s reputation.


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