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Choosing a Font: The 10 Most Popular Fonts for Business Logos

Still tinkering with your business logo?

Logos help build iconic brands that people recall. If you have a logo image with a clean looking and professional typeface, your company will be unforgettable in people’s minds.

Your logo can be your best asset or your weakest link. This is why you need to pick the right font to use in your logo design.

Even then, what are popular fonts that many memorable brands use? What font styles make for fantastic brand awareness?

In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 best fonts that businesses use for their brands. Whether they’re modern fonts or vintage fonts, we’re sure you would love each one of these.

1. Impact

Impact is one of Hollywood’s most well-known typefaces and a design masterpiece on its own. It’s the internet’s favorite typeface and one of the cool fonts that millennials love. It also has its roots in film and advertising, making it perfect for your business logo.

This 1965 font by typeface creator Geoff Lee is of high-value to many advertisers. This is due to its legibility. This is one of the modern fonts with big bold letters, and it looks fantastic with images.

When using Impact, take advantage of its legibility. It’s a way to show off how bold your business is. The typeface works best with minimalist designs that can underscore its clean style.

2. Garamond

Garamond is more than vintage fonts. It’s a family of fonts and one of the old-style serif designs coming from the mid-16th century. The font style is typical with magazine prints and newspapers, but it’s also in use with many different brands.

The use of Garamond revolves around brands that have been around for years. These established companies like Neutrogena, Rolex, and Abercrombie use it in a way to show value and prestige.

If you want to take advantage of this typeface, use it in your logo if you have a premium offering. Garamond works best for products that you can associate with luxury. The elegant design thrives and will work by itself on a single base hue.

3. Trajan

The Trajan is a favorite among movie posters and graphic designers, and we can’t question that. Trajan is one of the more modern fonts made for Adobe in 1989. This serif typeface is gorgeous and elegant, with excellent spacing in between.

Trajan is a favorite among business owners when it comes to fonts. Using it in monochrome with a logo overlay on top is standard M.O. for designs, and that’s ok. Some designers will say it’s overused, but we say it’s still viable.

The sharpness of the lines makes for some of the best font styles choices you can do. As long as you get creative with it, it should look awesome with your brand name on.

4. Bodoni

Bodoni is among the most ideal modern fonts for logo design, and it’s easy to figure out why. The typeface is in use by many of the most prestigious fashion brands like:

  • Armani Exchange
  • Calvin Klein
  • Burberry’s new logo.

With the flat revolution for logos and web design, it’s a thriving logo with a premium look.

What makes the Bodoni family look good is the font style itself. Its fine structure with thick, bold fore has good contrast with each other. This gives it a sleek, elegant angularity that is easy on the eyes.

Bodoni’s aesthetic look makes it beautiful and geometric. This makes it a good business logo font if you want something futuristic and elegant.

5. Didot

Didot, before becoming one of many vintage fonts, was a name for a family of printers in the late 18th century. Created in 1799, it has become a staple with many brands for its gorgeous style. Brands like Giorgio Armani and Vogue use the typeface to evoke a sense of mystique and drama.

What makes Didot stand out is the dramatic thickness of the lines. If you use proper kerning with a robust contrast of colors, you can make it stand out more in your logo design.

When using Didot, you want to provide a mature flow of lines. It’s one of those cool fonts that has an air of sophistication to it. Use it well, and you’ll get good results.

6. Futura

Futura is among those modern fonts that you see prop up in many design documents. The flow of its rectangles, squares, and triangles make it easy to use in any logo design.

If you plan on considering Futura as your primary typeface, take advantage of this unique style. This classic sans-serif should exude functionality and order. It can make your logo not only pop out but make it seem unconventional in design.

7. Univers

In 1954, typeface designer Adrian Frutiger made Univers. Much like Futura, this sans serif is one of the cool fonts that rely on visual tastes. Its beautiful geometry is gorgeous, but not so much that it becomes boring.

Univers is the perfect choice when you’re showing a strong, clear message through your typeface. Some modern fonts tend to be too dramatic. Univers offers straightforward intent and accessibility.

8. Helvetica

Everyone knows Helvetica. It’s one of the most popular fonts in the graphic design biz and one of the cool fonts that everyone is using. Using it in logo design should be careful work as you can get it wrong.

Helvetica is one of the practical font styles that new customers will notice quick. If you want something familiar and eyecatching, this is the right font. All you need is to make sure of proper kerning.

9. Frutiger

Frutiger, produced by the namesake creator of the Univers font, is another one of the fantastic sans-serif modern fonts out there. Used as a typical font for airlines, Frutiger looks beautiful, natural and practical. You want to take advantage of this.

Using Frutiger on your logo design would work if your take is basic and easy to read. This will make your logo image stand out, with the font working as support. This is also perfect for responsive logos.

10. Horizon

Horizon is one of the modern fonts that took inspiration from space-age shows like Star Trek. The sharp angles make it look digital and unpredictable, and there’s a way to take advantage of that.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi look for your logo, Horizon will underscore the futuristic visage. The stylization is thick and sharp, which is something you want for your font styles.

Using Popular Fonts In Your Business Logo

When it comes to popular fonts, the right choice of font styles can make or break your business logo design. Choose what message you want to exude and pick a font that best accentuates your branding’s core values.

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