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10 Promotional Items That Need Your Logo

Whether you’re running a small business or preparing to launch a startup, you know that your company’s logo is a vital piece of branding. Your logo is the visual expression of your business’s identity, closely linked to the company name and to the product or service that you are offering.

Once you’ve made your logo, you might be wondering where and how to use it to start getting attention for your brand. Here are 10 items to put your logo on that will start building up brand recognition:

1. Business Cards

Your business card is a compact, convenient way of giving someone your contact information. Design your business cards to include your business’s logo on at least one side of the card. That way, the recipients of your cards will have a visual reminder of your brand in addition to the name, address, phone number, and other information on the card.

2. Company Shirts

Do you have a retail location? Whether it’s a large shopping space or a tiny storefront, you can benefit from having your employees wear company logo shirts. According to LinkedIn.com, “Your company’s brand … should extend itself to the physical working space.”

When a new customer walks into your shop, he or she will automatically know who to ask for help, thanks to the company shirt. Order some attractive polo or button-down shirts with your logo embroidered or printed on them, and you’ll increase visibility for your name and brand.

3. Company Hats

Many businesses also use company hats as a way of enhancing brand visibility. Ask your employees to wear them as part of your business uniform, or give every employee a free logo-printed hat to take home. Whether they wear the hat on a hike or at the next neighborhood barbecue, your employees will become brand ambassadors, thanks to their logo-printed headwear.

4. Pens

You and your employees may use computers and tablets for many tasks, but it’s helpful to have pens ready at hand as well. Make sure that all the pens in your offices and retail locations are printed with your company name and logo. If customers need to borrow a pen, give them a logo-printed one and tell them to keep it. Pens also make great giveaways at conferences, showcases, and other events.

5. Mugs

Do you keep extra mugs in the break room for employees with a coffee-drinking habit? Ditch the mismatched, random mugs and order some mugs with the company logo. Having logo-printed mugs develops a more cohesive brand experience, both for your employees and for the customer who may come in and see one of those mugs on a representative’s desk.

6. Letterhead

Any official correspondence that you send out for your business should be printed on a branded letterhead. A logo-centered letterhead presents a more professional appearance to your customers. And according to Open-Government.net, it also communicates “vital company details, establishes credibility, conveys your corporate vision and also helps in brand recall.” The more often customers see your company logo, the more quickly they will connect that logo with your brand.

7. Notebooks

Whenever you go out, bring along a notebook printed with your company’s logo. That way, if you have to pull it out to jot down some ideas or take notes, you’ll also be advertising for your business.

8. Banners

When you’re visiting a conference to showcase a new product, you’ll need some large vinyl banners to draw attention to your business’s offerings. Banners are equally valuable for visibility at markets, maker’s gatherings, and other local events. Be sure that your company logo appears on every banner you order!

9. Signs

Even if your business is small, your production facility or retail location needs signage. Order large, attractive signs, with your logo and business name clearly displayed. Compelling signs attract passersby and help potential customers find their way through your doors.

10. T-Shirts

Are you planning a community event? Have some T-shirts customized and printed with your logo and your brand message. Your team members and employees can wear the shirts for the event and increase visibility for your business. You can also give away from custom T-shirts to boost brand awareness in your community.

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