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5 Links Worth Reading—On Small Business & Logo Design

We strive to present interesting ideas and news in this blog for small business owners. Along the way, we come across a lot of great information on other websites. Today we’ve collected a few that we’ve liked recently on subjects like logo design and building your business. Check them out below.

5 Important Entrepreneur Articles Worth Reading

From Marketing Profs: Your Brand Is More Than a Logo
Key idea: “A logo is a vital element of how you communicate your brand. A logo is a visual representation of who and what you are. But your logo is just the beginning of your brand.”

From Seth Godin and EarWolf: StartUp School
What it is:  In this rare live recording, hear Seth as he guides thirty entrepreneurs through a workshop exploring how they can build and run their dream business. You can also find it on iTunes.

From JJ Ramberg: 4 Essential Tips to Transform Your Small Business
Key idea: “…for the past many years I’ve been in this really lucky position of getting to interview people about how they’re growing their business and then use those tips in my own company. Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.”

From Forbes: Stop Futzing With Your Logo and Get Back to Work!
Key idea: “This small business owner was guilty of focusing on a tangential issue (dated corporate identity graphics) rather than on the core issue: Is his business sustainably delivering on its brand promise? If so, the current logo represents something positive. If not, fixing the problems within the business is far more important than revising a logo.”

From SEOMoz: Getting On Page SEO Right
Key idea: “People abandon search results much more quickly than they used to. Rankings doesn’t necessarily lead to the traffic. We see click-through rates sometimes on position two, three, or four being higher than on position one because something is more interesting about the listing.”

Bonus Link (from the Logomaker Blog Archive): 20 Questions to Ask About Your Brand.


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