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Applying for a Business Loan | What Documents are Needed?

Do you have the documents needed to apply for a business loan?

It’s time to apply for a business loan. You’re about to schedule an appointment with your lender to talk logistics. Before you pencil in that meeting, make sure that you have all the documents on-hand that you will need to secure that loan.

It is not a secret that meeting a lender’s requirements often makes the process of getting approved for a bank loan frustrating and time consuming. But being prepared can help give you peace of mind going into and through the process. Now, we can not promise these documents will guarantee a loan, but we can promise that we will do our best to help you gather the recommended documents.

So, what files are recommended?

When applying for a loan, it is generally recommend that you have certified copies of your Articles of Incorporation/Organization, minutes and bylaws, and/or your Tax ID. The issue for many business is where to find and/or order these documents.

As a small business owner you many not have access to these documents or even know what they are. That’s where our sister company, MyCorporation, can help. They’ve created a new offering especially to help small businesses get the documents needs to apply for a business loan.

And, as a member of our Deluxe family, you get $20 off these services. Simply use the coupon code LOAN20 during checkout. It’s really that simple.

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