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In 2016, LogoMix (now a Deluxe Company), acquired LogoMaker. As with any company who has gone through an acquisition (on either side), there were feelings of uncertainty. That uncertainty can not compare though to what were are all facing right now.

LogoMix was once a small business, but we will not pretend to know exactly what you are feeling/experiencing as a current small business or start-up. The one thing that we can promise to you, our customers, is that we will do our best to share what we believe is the best, digestible advice to help you navigate tomorrow, next month, and next year.

To help consolidate this information, we will provide new links in this article as soon as we have them. A few new resources from Deluxe are available right now and you can expect more to be added.

While we can’t promise that we will have all the answers, we can promise you that the information that we do share is honest, sales-free, and helpful. We want to help you navigate this ever-changing business world. And, if you have any topics that you would like us to explore, please comment and let us know.

Thank you for trusting us with your business needs. We look forward to building a community of shared knowledge with you.

The LogoMaker Team

Stacy Cyr
Stacy Cyr
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