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The 10 Most Memorable Sports Logos

Whether you’re a huge football fan or you love a day out on the baseball field, there’s no doubt you have a favorite sports team.

When it comes to team recognition, the logo is what makes them stand out and easy to recognize.

Take a look at 10 of the most memorable sports logos that will inspire you and remind you why sports are such an important part of American culture.

Memorable Sports Logos

1. New York Yankees

You probably recognize this logo thanks to the interlocking NY letters. It’s likely one of the most widely recognized of all sports team logos.

The logo first appeared in 1909 and was made to honor a NYC police officer who was killed in the line of duty. With its unique lettering design, the Yankees logo has a pleasing aesthetic and is easily recognizable.

2. Chicago Cubs

When it comes to bold sports logos, the Cubs have it nailed down. This easily recognizable logo features a large red “C” with the letters “ubs” right after it to spell Cubs.

A wide blue circle surrounds the lettering over a white background. But what has made the Cubs logo so popular in recent years is that it’s always worn by actor Bill Murray.

You’ll likely see Murray sporting the Cubs logo on a shirt, hat, or another item no matter where he goes. That fact alone is sure to add a boost of morale to the team’s fan base.

3. Boston Red Sox

In the world of Major League Baseball, the Red Sox undoubtedly have one of the most famous logos. Even in its simplicity, the bold color choices and lettering have made it easy to distinguish.

The Red Sox logo features a bright red B in a Tuscon font with a white outline. It’s placed over a dark blue background to help the letter stand out.

The team has long claimed that the font is their own, and they’ve given it the name Bosox. No matter what font it really is, this logo is definitely famous among sports fans.

4. Dallas Cowboys

For football fans, the Cowboys have their logo nailed. Even though it’s a simple blue star graphic, it’s probably one of the most iconic sports logos of all time.

Rumor has it that owner Jerry Jones was so drawn to the logo that he decided to purchase the team back in 1989. The rest is history.

Known as “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys are a football fan favorite. Adding the blue star on a silver-colored background gives the team a sense of royalty.

5. Chicago Bears

With a bold combination of dark blue and bright orange, the Chicago Bears team logo is truly iconic. The team went with exactly what their name implies – an image of a bear.

Bringing the bear logo in conjunction with the famous blue and orange colors has helped this NFL team stand out. Any fan whether they support the Bears or not will easily recognize this logo.

6. Washington Redskins

Although this NFL team has had their fair share of controversy over their logo, they’ve managed to hold their ground. The team logo is one that emanates a sense of dominance and power.

The logo uses a rich burgundy red and a bright yellow color to give it a classic look. Combine that with an image of a Native American and white feathers, and you’ve got a logo that has stood the test of time.

The Redskins have some of the most devoted fans in all of football. Their logo was originally created in 1933 and has undergone a few changes, but it’s mostly stayed true to the original design.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

Speaking of football, the Philadelphia Eagles logo is unmistakable. With a large eagle head over a turquoise blue background, this NFL logo is easy to spot and identify.

The current team logo was created in 1996 and was changed from an entire eagle to just the head of the bird. If you look closely, its feathers create the letter E for a cool effect.

8. New York Knicks

Aside from baseball and football, the NBA has its fair share of famous logos, too. The New York Knicks is one of the most iconic with its bright orange lettering and a simple basketball.

Everything sits in a triangle to give the logo some focus, and it has remained the same overall since as far back as the 1960s. A pop of blue bordering brings this basketball logo a bold touch that’s easy to recognize on hats and jerseys.

The triangle element was added in 1992 after the Knicks got Jackson on the team.

9. Boston Celtics

Perhaps one of the most famous of all basketball logos, the Boston Celtics gave their fans something a little more playful. You can’t mistake this logo due to the cartoon-like leprechaun twirling a basketball on his finger.

Incorporating green into the logo is a tribute to the team’s name and roots. Celtics fans take great pride in their logo and their team, which has contributed to this logo being so famous.

10. Los Angeles Lakers

Maybe it’s the huge basketball that makes the LA Lakers logo so popular, or maybe it’s the use of large, purple lettering. With its simple design, this NBA logo is one of the most memorable sports logos.

Subtle lines behind the letters give the logo a feeling of speed and motion. Combine that with the bold color scheme and you’ve got a basketball team logo that has stood the test of time.

Logos for Every Sport

From football and baseball to basketball and the Olympics, every sport and every team has its own unique logo. Whether it’s graphic designs, lettering, or colors, these are some of the most memorable sports logos that everyone recognizes.

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