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The 15 Best Placeit Alternatives for Your Design Needs

When it comes to branding for your business, crafting something unforgettable is far from an easy feat. But Placeit has been a trusty sidekick to help you through this tricky process, offering a wide range of tools and templates to transform your digital design concepts into reality.

With that said, the market is continually expanding, and entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups are constantly on the lookout for Placeit alternatives that fit like a glove with their unique needs and budgets.

We’re here to explore why you might consider stepping beyond Placeit, highlighting options that offer flexibility, affordability, and a spectrum of creative possibilities suited to your design aspirations.

Best Placeit Alternatives

  1. LogoMaker
  2. Canva
  3. Adobe Express
  4. Renderforest
  5. Smartmockups
  6. VistaCreate
  7. DesignCap
  8. Fotor
  9. Mockuper
  10. Vexels
  11. Visme
  12. Adobe Illustrator
  13. MockupsJar
  14. PicMonkey
  15. PixTeller

How to Choose the Right Placeit Alternative

When selecting a design tool, it’s important to consider your specific needs to find the best fit. 

Here are some tips to guide you:

Assess Your BudgetDetermine how much you are willing to spend. Some tools offer free versions with basic features, while others might require a subscription for more advanced capabilities.
Understand Your Design NeedsIdentify the types of designs you need to create. Whether it’s logos, social media graphics, or detailed illustrations, make sure the platform specializes in these areas.
Evaluate Your Skill LevelConsider your familiarity with design software. Beginners might prefer tools with drag-and-drop interfaces and extensive templates, whereas experienced designers might look for advanced features and customization options.
Check for Resource SupportSome tools offer extensive tutorials, customer support, and community forums, which can be invaluable for troubleshooting and learning.
Integration CapabilitiesCompatibility with other software can be a major factor for teams working in digital environments where file sharing and collaboration are frequent.
Trial PeriodsTrial periods allow potential users to test features before committing financially, ensuring the software meets their specific needs without immediate investment.
User Reviews and TestimonialsWhat current users say about the platform can provide valuable insights into its reliability, customer service, and user satisfaction.

1. LogoMaker

    LogoMaker logo

    Exploring options beyond graphic tools like Placeit and Smashing Logo for your design needs? Want to infuse life into your brand identity without breaking the bank or compromising on quality? Look no further than LogoMaker. Celebrated in esteemed publications like The Wall Street Journal and Inc. magazine, the platform is all about bringing your brand vision to life seamlessly.

    Features and Usability

    LogoMaker’s user-friendly interface is designed to make professional branding accessible to all. Beyond logos, the vast selection of customizable templates also allows you to design memorable business cards, promotional items, and more. Adjust colors, fonts, and elements effortlessly using the platform’s straightforward drag-and-drop editor, ensuring your visuals are a perfect reflection of your business ethos.


    • Fast and Efficient: Enables quick creation of designs, ideal for businesses that need to establish a visual identity efficiently.
    • High-Quality Outputs: Produces high-resolution, print-ready files suitable for both digital and physical marketing channels.
    • Flexible Pricing Models: Users can start designing for free and pay only when they wish to download their final designs, reducing initial investment risks.
    • Bundled Offers: Available package deals include multiple design assets at discounted rates, providing good value for money.


    • Basic Plan: Craft as many logos as you need and save them directly to your account. Easily integrate logos into your promotional materials to maintain a consistent brand image.
    • Essential Plan: Includes everything in the Basic Plan plus high-resolution files, a social media kit, color variations, and extended storage. 
    • Professional Plan: Get SVG files for your logo, allowing for scaling to any size without compromising quality. Receive a comprehensive set of branding materials, including business card designs and letterheads, all tailored with your new logo. Also, gain immediate access to top-tier customer support, helping you stay ahead in all your branding efforts.

    Ready to elevate your brand with minimal effort and maximum creativity? Start designing with LogoMaker today! 

    2. Canva

      Canva logo

      With simple drag-and-drop features, anyone can create stunning visuals with Canva – no graphic design skills are needed. The Australian-based design platform simplifies the creation of professional visual content for individuals and businesses alike, earning it the Editors’ Choice award for graphic design software.

      Key Features

      • AI-Driven Design: From automated resizing to transforming text into graphics, the suite of AI tools, such as Magic Write and Magic Design, streamline the design process.
      • Versatile Export Options: Whether you need a quick PNG for a social post or a detailed PDF for print, Canva supports multiple formats.


      • Canva Free: Offers over 250,000 templates and basic design tools, perfect for beginners.
      • Canva Pro ($14.99/month or $119.99/year): Includes 1TB of cloud storage, advanced design options, and the ability to export designs in CMYK format for printing.
      • Canva for Teams ($29.99/month): Adds collaborative features for team environments, centralizing brand control and content creation.
      • Educational Access: Canva is free for verified schools, teachers, and non-profit organizations.

      3. Adobe Express

        Adobe Express logo

        If you’re aiming to craft eye-catching graphics, web pages, and video stories, Adobe Express offers the perfect user-friendly platform. What sets it apart is its seamless integration with the larger Adobe ecosystem, democratizing professional-grade design tools.

        Key Features

        • Seamless Integration: Dive into the full suite of powerful capabilities, like Photoshop and Premiere, right from a simplified interface. 
        • User-Friendly: The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality means that anyone can create eye-catching visuals – even if you’re not a design pro.
        • Cross-Device Compatibility: Start your project on your laptop during your commute and finish it on your desktop at home. The cloud-based synchronization keeps everything in sync, so you can work from anywhere, on any device.


        • Free Version: Offers robust features suitable for basic projects and new users.
        • Premium Subscription: Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan unlocks additional features, including cloud storage, premium templates, and advanced editing abilities.
        1. Renderforest
        Renderforest logo

        A comprehensive cloud-based platform, Renderforest empowers small businesses, bloggers, and social media influencers alike to create a wide array of digital content. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it transforms daunting creative tasks into an enjoyable project.

        Key Features

        • Diverse Templates: Choose from an extensive collection of templates for videos, mockups, websites, and graphics, making it easy to start and finish a project quickly.
        • AI-Driven Logo Creation: Produce high-quality logos within minutes using an intuitive AI-based tool that tailors designs to your brand’s needs.


        • Free Plan: Includes 300MB storage, access to 200K+ stock videos, and basic design capabilities with watermarked outputs.
        • Lite Plan: $20/month or $7/month when billed yearly; provides 10GB storage, 7 HD 720p videos per month, and enhanced design features without watermarks on HD videos.
        • Amateur Plan: $30/month or $10/month when billed yearly; offers 20GB storage, up to 18 HD720 or 6 HD 1080p videos per month, and expanded access to stock videos and music tracks.
        • Pro Plan: $60/month or $20/month when billed yearly; includes 40GB storage, up to 60 HD 720p or 30 HD 1080p videos per month, and premium graphic designing tools.
        • Agency Plan: $60/month or $20/month when billed yearly; provides 40GB storage, unlimited HD 1080p video exports, reseller license, and advanced marketing tools for high-volume professional use.

        5. Smartmockups

          Smartmockups logo

          Whether you’re showcasing a new product or refreshing your brand’s digital presence, Smartmockups is essential for simplifying the design process. By integrating with popular platforms like Canva, it’s easier than ever to bring your ideas to life. Plus, they’re constantly refreshing their library with the newest device mockups.

          Key Features

          • Extensive Template Library: Boasts over 4,000 templates. This makes it a breeze to find the perfect scene for any product, from the latest tech gadgets to stylish apparel. 
          • High-Resolution Outputs: Create your mockups in stunning 5K resolution to ensure every detail of your visuals is crisp and professional, no matter how large you go.
          • Dynamic Customization Options: Tweak and tailor each scene to perfectly align with your brand’s look and feel, so every mockup is uniquely yours.


          • Free Version: Get started with basic features and access to 200 scenes.
          • Premium Subscription: For $14/month, unlock unlimited mockups, higher resolution exports, and advanced customization features.
          • Pro Version: At $24/month, add video mockups and auto-saving.
          • Team Plans: Starting at $84/month, these plans are designed for collaborative environments, offering team management features and priority support.VistaCreate

          6. Vistacreate

          VistaCreate logo

          Evolving from its origins as Crello, VistaCreate is reshaping how we design content. With a special focus on making complex tasks more accessible, it’s ideal for anyone who needs to generate polished material but lacks the technical expertise.  

          Key Features

          • High-Quality Templates: The impressive library features over 70,000 templates that are continuously refreshed to stay on the pulse of design trends.
          • Seamless Integration of Depositphotos: You’re instantly connected to a collection of premium images and videos to make your designs both striking and relevant. 
          • Background Removal Tool: This handy feature lets you eliminate distracting backdrops from your photos, focusing attention exactly where you want it – on your main subject.


          • Starter Plan: Get started for free with access to basic features and a limited stock library.
          • Pro Plan: At $10/month, unlock advanced features like unlimited project creation, extensive access to Depositphotos, and advanced design elements.

          7. DesignCap

            DesignCap logo

            Helping bridge the gap between professional design needs and non-designers’ capabilities, DesignCap makes it incredibly easy for anyone to customize templates and add design elements. It holds over 220,000 templates, ranging from social media graphics to flyers and business presentations, giving a solid starting point for any project.

            Key Features

            • Integrated Photo and Illustration Collections: Tap into a rich library of stock photos and illustrations. Say goodbye to hunting through multiple resources – everything you need is right at your fingertips.
            • Dynamic Data Visualization Tools: Offers advanced tools for creating charts and data visuals. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and educators who need to present complex information in an easy-to-understand, visual format.
            • Flexible Export and Sharing Options: Save your projects in a variety of formats or share them directly to social media. This flexibility simplifies how you distribute and present your work, whether it’s for a meeting, a class, or your social network.


            • Free Plan: Basic functionalities perfect for simple projects and trying out the platform.
            • Basic Plan ($4.99/month): Expand capabilities with more templates and increased upload capacity.
            • Plus Plan ($5.99/month): Provides comprehensive access to all features, including an extensive library and advanced design tools.

            8. Fotor

            Fotor logo

            Whether you’re a casual photographer or a seasoned pro, Fotor simplifies the photo editing process without skimping on advanced features. It equips you with everything from basic adjustments like exposure and contrast to sophisticated effects like high dynamic range (HDR), all designed to elevate your photos effortlessly.

            Key Features

            • Multi-Platform Accessibility: The consistent and intuitive interface across web, desktop, and mobile apps allows you to edit anywhere, anytime, regardless of your device.
            • AI Photo Effects: Apply stunning effects that traditionally require complex manual adjustments with just a click.
            • Sophisticated Retouching: Provides detailed retouching, including skin smoothing, blemish removal, and teeth whitening to perfect portrait photos.


            • Free Version: For basic editing tasks, accessible to anyone without a commitment.
            • Fotor Pro: Provides enhanced features and an ad-free experience starting at $8.99 per month. You can also opt for an annual subscription to get all these benefits at a reduced rate of $39.99 per year.

            9. Mockuper

              Mockuper logo

              Developed to simplify your life, Mockuper cuts out the hassle and expense typically associated with advanced graphic design programs. From wanting to see your logo on a smartphone to a billboard or anything in between, this tool makes it possible with just a few clicks. It’s all about giving you a smooth experience so you can see what your brand could look like in real-world scenarios.

              Key Features

              • Extensive Template Library: Comes with options for every device – desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and even smartwatches.
              • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the design process with easy upload and adjustment features, requiring no prior technical knowledge.
              • High-Quality Outputs: Produces sharp, professional-looking mockups that are perfect for marketing materials or impressing clients.
              • No Watermark: Offers clean images without any watermarks, ensuring your mockups look sleek and professional in any professional environment.


              • Free Access: Completely free service. You get unrestricted access to all features without any hidden costs. This is particularly suited to startups and small businesses operating on limited budgets.

              10. Vexels

              Vexels logo

              Vexels specializes in scalable vector graphics (SVGs) and is a go-to platform for anyone looking to take their merchandise to the next level. No matter the size of your project, from tiny logos to huge banners, their creative assets ensure everything looks clean and professional.

              Key Features

              • Rich Resource Pool: Features a vast collection of graphic resources, including customizable templates and designs tailored for t-shirts, mugs, notepads and other promotional items.
              • Custom Design Requests: Tailor-make graphics that perfectly match your brand’s style and ethos. It’s all about making sure your visuals are as unique as your business.
              • Educational Resources and Community Support: They provide a wealth of educational materials to help you refine your design skills. Plus, the community forums are a great place to swap ideas and solutions. 


              • Monthly and Annual Subscriptions: These provide discounts when paid annually. The pricing tiers are as follows: Merch at $29 per month, Merch Plus at $49 per month, and Merch Ultimate at $99 per month.
              • Lifetime Plans: These are available for those who prefer a one-time payment: Merch Lifetime Lite at $690 and Merch Lifetime Plus at $1,875.

              11. Visme

                Visme logo

                If you’re after visual projects with extra flair that grab attention, Visme is your tool. Whether you’re crafting presentations, infographics, or general graphics, this platform gives you a wealth of design choices. With a wide selection of fonts, icons, backgrounds, and images to pick from, it’s super easy to create beautiful presentations perfectly suited to your audience’s tastes.

                Key Features

                • Extensive Integration: Integrates seamlessly with popular services like WordPress, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and Zoom. 
                • Dynamic Content Capabilities: A one-stop-shop for all your media creation needs, whether you’re into data visualization, crafting animations, pushing content on social media, or producing videos.
                • Collaboration Tools: With a collaborative interface and easy management of access permissions, it’s perfect for any group project.


                • Basic Plan: Free, providing 100 MB of storage and access to most templates.
                • Starter Plan: $29/month, which includes 250 MB of storage, full access to templates and 24/7 customer support.
                • Pro Plan: $59/month, offering 3 GB of storage and full download capabilities, including HTML5.

                12. Adobe Illustrator

                Adobe Illustrator sets the standard in vector graphic design by offering sophisticated features tailored for precision and scalability. What makes it stand out is not just its ability to keep designs crisp at any scale but also its toolkit, which is packed with features like bezier curves and advanced color options.

                Key Features

                • Comprehensive Toolset: Includes advanced color palettes, custom brushes, and extensive text manipulation tools.
                • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Links with other Adobe apps like Photoshop and InDesign. This means you can shift your designs between programs without a hitch.
                • Regular Updates: Whether it’s beefing up the gradient tools or enhancing the mobile app experience, Illustrator rolls out new features regularly.


                • Individual Plans: Available as a standalone app for $20.99 per month with an annual commitment, or $31.49 on a month-to-month basis. For a prepaid annual plan, the cost is $239.88​​.
                • Creative Cloud All Apps Plan: Includes Illustrator along with over 20 other Adobe applications. Priced at $52.99 per month with an annual commitment or $79.49 for a monthly plan without it.
                • Business Plan: Includes various Adobe apps with an Admin Console and technical support. The pricing can vary based on the specific requirements and the number of licenses​.

                13. MockupsJar

                  MockupsJar logo

                  Particularly appealing for those just starting out or operating within tight budgets, MockupsJar offers a straightforward solution for creating mockups online. It supports a variety of formats, making it versatile for both digital and physical product visuals. Having facilitated over 1.2 million mockup downloads to date, you, too, can easily find something to suit your project.

                  Key Features

                  • Wide Range of Templates: With about 900 templates, it covers a diverse array of products, including tech gadgets, clothing, and packaging.
                  • Formats and Customization: Users can download mockups in several formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF, and can customize backgrounds in paid plans.
                  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be accessible even for beginners, allowing quick and easy creation of mockups.


                  • Free Plan: Offering unlimited watermark-free downloads, full web page screenshots from URLs or Figma, and support for multiple formats.
                  • API Plans: €45/month for 1,000 tasks; €99/month for 10,000 tasks; €249/month for 50,000 tasks.

                  14. PicMonkey

                    PicMonkey logo

                    This cloud-based photo editing platform is perfect for those who need to quickly enhance images or create eye-catching designs without the complexity of more advanced software. PicMonkey is particularly popular among bloggers and social media users for its user-friendly interface and array of design templates. 

                    Key Features

                    • Hub Feature: Cloud storage that lets you save and organize your editing projects with ease. Ideal for those who juggle multiple projects or need to collaborate.
                    • Rich Text Options: A rich selection of fonts and text editing tools allow you to add personality and professional touches to your images.
                    • Portrait Touch-Up Tools: It makes it simple to enhance portraits, such as teeth whitening and skin smoothing, and is ideal for quick photo fixes.


                    • Basic Plan: $7.99/month, suitable for straightforward editing and design tasks.
                    • Pro Plan: $12.99/month, includes advanced features like brand kits and unlimited Hub storage.
                    • Team Plan: $33.99/month per user, designed for collaborative projects and includes team management tools.

                    15. PixTeller

                      PixTeller logo

                      Merge the ease of use with powerful editing capabilities with PixTeller. This full-fledged design tool empowers users to craft everything from simple graphics to sophisticated animations without needing complex software or any previous design experience. It’s particularly handy for creating engaging content for social media, blogs, or marketing materials.

                      Key Features

                      • Extensive Template Library: Choose from over 134,000 templates that can be tweaked to match any theme or branding vibe you’re going for.
                      • Animation Tools: Start from scratch or use predefined motions to make your content pop and keep viewers engaged.
                      • Photo Effects and Filters: Jazz up your images with a wide selection of photo effects and filters – it’s like having a mini photo studio at your fingertips.


                      • Pro Plan: $9/month. Gain access to PixTeller’s full suite of tools without limitations.
                      • Diamond Plan: $19/month. Allows for the creation of unlimited images and animations and is ideal for heavy usage.


                      Choosing the perfect Placeit alternative is more than about having the right features. You need to find a partner that evolves with your creative process. Each tool offers unique strengths, so it’s worth trying a few to see which one feels like the right fit for your projects and workflow. Remember, don’t hesitate to experiment with different options. 

                      Get Started: Promote Your Business 

                      For those diving into the world of logo design, give LogoMaker a try.

                      It aims to make professional branding accessible, no matter your skill level. Start today and transform your creative ideas into impressive realities.


                      Is there a free version of Placeit?

                      Placeit does not offer a completely free version. However, it does provide a range of free templates and tools that users can try out without a subscription. For full access to all features and assets, users need to choose from one of the paid subscription plans.

                      What is similar to Placeit?

                      LogoMaker is a great alternative to Placeit, especially for those focused on creating custom logos and branding materials. It offers a user-friendly design tool that simplifies the process of logo creation, making it accessible even to those without graphic design experience.

                      How to download Placeit mockups for free?

                      While Placeit primarily operates on a subscription basis, it periodically offers free templates, including mockups, which you can customize and download without any cost. A subscription might be necessary for a broader range of options.

                      Does Placeit have an app?

                      As of now, Placeit does not have a dedicated mobile app. Users can access its features through the website. It is optimized for use on both desktop and mobile browsers, allowing you to create and download designs directly from your internet browser on any device.


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