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Branding 101: 10 Things You Forgot to Put Your Logo On

A logo is the face of your business. It is the visual identity of your brand. You can use it to market your business online (a website, on social media, on a blog, etc.) or offline at tradeshows, on car magnets, lawn signs, or clothing such as polos and t-shirts.

But, did you know that it takes ten seconds for a customer to form an impression about your brand’s logo? And, that it is likely to take that same customer 5-7 views of your logo to associate it with the product or service that you provide.

So, how do you make sure that your brand is ‘seen’?

We’ve compiled our top 10 places to use your logo to brand your business so that your logo is ‘seen’.

The Often-Forgotten Places to Display Your Logo

1. On Your Website

Your website is a vital part of your business. It is where potential customers can check out what you offer and repeat customers can come back to buy again. When a person visits your website, your logo should be immediately visible. If you are designing a logo after you’ve already created your website, be sure that it does not fade into the colors of the site. If your website has a dark blue background, be sure that you use a light-colored version of your logo.

2. Your Email Signature

Now that you have a logo, be sure to add it to the signature of your email. Usually this can be done by going into the Settings section. Remember, there is no excuse for plain email signatures anymore!

3. Business Cards

Every interaction is a chance to promote your business. So, when you leave the house every morning, be sure to grab a few business cards. Better yet, if you drive, keep a few in your glove box. Need help designing new custom business cards? We have you covered. Simply start with your industry and our tool will suggest color-matched cards to make sure your brand is cohesive. Looking for adding branding opportunities? Be sure to add your logo to the back of your business cards. It is an open space that many people forget to utilize.

4. T-Shirts, Hats, Totes and Other Attire

Branded uniforms are an easy way to brand your business on-the-go. Think of branded clothing as a walking billboard. Used as a uniform, it creates a cohesive, professional look for your business and makes it easier for in-store visitors to find an employee if needed. Pro Tip: Have extra t-shirts or polos? Sell them as merchandise to customers or give them away as a promotion.

5. Stickers and Labels

Looking for a creative way to brand merchandise boxes or shopping bags without having to invest a great deal of time or monetary resources? Use custom branded stickers or labels. Add your logo, phone, number, and website to stickers to create a branded solution for your business. They are literally a portable branding tool for your business.

6. Envelopes

Yes, believe it or not, people still send physical mail especially checks, invoices, or offers/coupons. With credit card offers clogging up your customer’s mailboxes, be sure that your envelope does not end up in the recycle bin by adding your logo to the outside.

Similar to our business card tool, we have made it simple to add your logo and other business information. Looking to be more bold? Use one of our templates to create a pattern for your envelope that is color-matched to your logo colors. Be bold, give it a try!

7. Office Notebooks & Pens

Custom branded notebooks and pens are a great way to promote your business with products that are actually functional. Have a new hire? Make sure to welcome them to the office with pens, notebooks, and a t-shirt or polo. These office supplies are a great way to keep your team organized while promoting your business.

Do you travel to offsite meetings? Do you have client meetings at your office or store? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to either question, then these two products are perfect for your business. Make sure that your employees attend offsite meetings with branded notebooks and if they (or you) are hosting the meeting, bring addition pens and notebooks to hand out. For meetings at your office or place of business, be sure to welcome guests with one of each. It is polite and a great use of branded promotional products.

8. Mugs

Everyone loves a free coffee mug. Plus, they are cost effective and functional. Like notebooks and pens, these are great gifts for vendors or visitors to your office/business location. Add these to your new hire gift bag (or reusable tote) to promote a ‘green’ workplace or organization. Remember, mugs make a great pen holder too.

9. In–house Documents

All documents from within your company should have your logo in the header. This goes hand-in-hand with the section on branded envelopes. Like our envelope tool, our letterhead tool will help you create a beautiful backdrop for your important messages. Or, simply add your logo and keep it classic.

10. Your Vehicles

If you are going to be stuck in traffic, use the opportunity to brand your business. Car door magnets and car decals are affordable ways to temporarily brand your car without the major commitment of a custom paint job.  Remember, even a parking lot is a great opportunity to brand your business. You never know when your next customer will be walking or driving by!

Why You Should Add Your Logo to Products

Building a brand takes time, energy, and creativity. Only placing your logo on your website or office sign will not be enough to create buzz around your brand. Be sure to create a cohesive marketing plan using your logo both offline and online, on marketing materials, and on promotional products.

Remember, every time you meet a new person it is an opportunity to share your story and your business’s mission. Be sure to get their attention with custom products featuring your logo. For more creative ways to brand your business, visit our brand-building blog.

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