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15 Creative Logo Ideas to Inspire Your Design

Getting past your initial block is the hardest part of any creative project. All it takes is a few surges of inspiration for good ideas to start flowing.

If you’re stuck coming up with the right logo design, take a break from brainstorming. Looking at other inventive logos can help you go back to the drawing board with a stronger concept. Take a look at our favorite creative logo design ideas from small businesses to spark your imagination.

Creative logo ideas designed for small businesses

creative logo ideas

1. Ovenly

A smile comes to your face when you look at Ovenly’s charmingly authentic logo. Ovenly is a New York bakery that ships its award-winning goodies across the country.

Despite its muted color scheme and simple font, the logo doesn’t need any embellishment. A cleverly placed rolling pin and the silhouette of an open book capture the warmth of home cooking.


2. Imogene + Willie

Perfect handwriting isn’t necessary to create an attractive signature logo. In fact, the more natural, the better. The logo for clothing store Imogene + Willie aims for chic contrast by combining the personalities of the two founders.

If you love the hand-drawn look, sketch a few styles to find the right logo design.


3. Night Light Pediatric Urgent Care

Founded by three women, Night Light is a small chain of Texas clinics on a mission to cheer up sick children. Multi-colors work well for this child-oriented business that aims to be upbeat. More importantly, the logo stands out as an ideal DIY project.

The font is simple with the letters playfully staggered. The symbol of the child sleeping on the moon consists of simple shapes, making the design easy to create.


4. My.Suit

Custom formal-wear chain My.Suit is inspiring men to build a sophisticated wardrobe piece by piece. Unsurprisingly, the logo comes across as simple, smart, and sauve.

It’s a shining example of minimalism with a clean wordmark and two-tone color scheme. Not to mention, the thin, dashed lettering is modeled after the tailoring threads on a bespoke suit.


5. Radio Flyer

Although Radio Flyer has a century-long heritage, the company happily remains a small business. Few children’s companies have so much brand recognition across every generation.

The vibrant red logo catches your eye with its dynamic action — a child racing in a wagon. Even the font is stylized to create motion, and the negative-space illustration is timeless as ever.


6. Splash Copywriters

Splash Copywriters proves that a creative logo design idea doesn’t have to be over the top. Try to incorporate a simple “wow” factor that ties in with your brand or industry. In this case, the ink splash tells you this husband and wife duo likes to make a statement with words.


7. Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs (OKRA)

OKRA Charity Saloon is all about making social causes integral to daily experiences. The okra-themed branding sets the tone for a foodie business that cares about innovation.

Going against the grain for your industry is an easy way to generate better logo ideas. The green geometric logo is minimal and earthy while whimsically representing sliced okra.


8. The Coffee Trike

Geometry is your friend when it comes to logo design. Building upon basic shapes can help you create a balanced design that feels fresh and new. That’s why the Coffee Trike logo is ingenious, with a design that stands out on a moving bike.

The spokes are easy to create on just about any image editing platform. The soft blue and white palette makes the three wheels and coffee cup an inviting picture.


9. Neil’s Bahr

A unique business story increases your chance of coming up with a wonderfully brilliant idea. In line with its nerd theme, the Neil’s Bahr logo combines science and mixology. The end result is smart and comedic — an olive styled as an atom.


10. Curalate

Curalate drives commerce and engagement through great visuals. So, it’s no wonder that the company is good at making an impact with the smallest details. The multi-toned logo combines a lot of the latest trends, including geometry, minimalism, and color overlay.

The brand wisely keeps the color in check with a common approach — a split complementary color scheme.


11. Oak

Everything from the street name (Oak Lawn) to the rustic-meets-modern decor reinforces the Oak brand. And the simplistic logo is just as effective at embodying homegrown sophistication.

Oak elevates a bare serif font with an earthy, weathered-wood texture. If you’re struggling to find a focal point, try using textured or patterned letters for visual impact.


12. The Big Board

The Big Board is a family-owned DC pub with fluctuating prices like a stock exchange. Much like the high-concept business model, the restaurant logo has a lot going for it. Instead of keeping everything linear, the logo creates movement with abstract geometric shapes.

The buildings and business name are almost entirely white space. While this may seem limiting at first sight, it creates flexibility if the company wants to play with color from time to time. Adding color to key promotions can refresh a logo without sacrificing its familiarity.


13. Beer Dabbler

The Beer Dabbler logo is an example of an interesting font that makes other decoration unnecessary. The bold lettering and swirling stems also appeal to people who care about the craft beer tradition.

When your business is artisanal or steeped in heritage, consider using an ornamental font that speaks for itself. Just aim for a look that’s still clean and readable.


14. Mudville Flats Boutique Hotel

The Mudville Flats logo is so unique, no one could possibly copy it. Located in the Ballpark District of San Diego, the hotel gets its name from the famous poem “Casey at the Bat.”

An abstract portrait reminiscent of Picasso begs you to ask about the hotel’s origins. The logo isn’t typical of a hotel, but it manages to project a feeling of hometown personality and heritage.


15. Attention Getting Marketing

Attention Getting demonstrates a successful way to blend fonts. The stark, all-caps sans-serif font works alongside the bright whimsical script. Another clever focal point is the joined letter “Ts.” They draw your eyes in and create more brand recognition, which is sometimes hard to achieve with wordmarks.

The stronger your branding, the easier it is to develop an outstanding logo. Brands with personality are able to differentiate themselves on many levels. Before you throw in the towel, look to your personal story, mission, or business name for creative logo design ideas.

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Amber Ooley
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