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Where Should You Start Your Business?

World LogoAccording to the World Bank, which ranks the world’s 183 economies on the ease of doing business, you may be surprised how difficult it is to start a business in the United States of America these days. Or, if you’ve already tried to start a business in the land of the free, it may not surprise you at all.

While the United States ranks high (#4 overall) for “ease of doing business”, it falls all the way to #13 for “ease in starting a business”. So where will you fair better?

Try Canada, ranked #3, Australia ranked #2, or New Zealand at #1.

Hmmm. We may have to check out our friends down under.

Overall, the USA is still a pretty good place to start your business, just not what it used to be.

Check out all the rankings at doing business.org.

One Response to “Where Should You Start Your Business?”

  1. Hazim Al Umari

    Well; Number one is NZ, this is virtually true. However the “attitude” is not healthy and here things run everywhere like neighborhood, so there is no chance for expatriates to establish a successful business. If this is true, ie that NZ is no 1, and I heard it before many times, then I ask: How many NZ successful companies are of NZ in the world? One or Two, I think..

    If people -and institutions – in here continue behaving in the neighborhood manner, with the new world order, they will end up to be a poor third world country, and signs of this are already visible. (What is neighborhood attitude: It is only the people they know each other will be allowed to have a chance to survive or live among them. It is opposite to features of entrepreneurs. So no new blood, no new ideas, no new thinking, no globalization, no vision, no development, no improvement, while thinking being : clever, super, opportunist, very intelligent, brilliant, super duper, developed, the best in the world etc..)

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