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Logo Maker versus Logo Designer : A True Comparison

In the last week or so, we’ve seen a new logo-oriented infographic making the rounds (part of which is shown below—we’re not linking to it because these falsehoods don’t deserve to be shared). This one purports to compare do-it-yourself logo makers with a real live designer. And often, the software comes out looking bad in comparison.

But it’s almost completely wrong.

Now we admit, we have a definite interest in this kind of thing. Our logo maker software is the world’s most popular do-it-yourself logo design software. Which is why this kind of thing bothers us.

But let’s look at the facts…

False Logo InfographicThe infographic make a couple of ridiculous comparisons. The process of registering to use the software (which takes less than a minute) is compared to the process of choosing a designer (which can take weeks). And, contrary to the truth, the infographic mentions that with a logo maker there is no legal contract and that your information may be made public. This is false. In order to use our Logomaker, everyone agrees to a legal contract and because you are doing the work, there is no confidential information to be shared publicly.

On the other hand, not all designers will sign an NDA and there is no guarantee that a designer won’t share the details of your business. It happens.

The infographic states that Logomaker software is complex and hard to understand. Again, blatantly false. Our software is designed to make it easy to create an amazing logo in about ten minutes. Try it and see for yourself. Post your logo and tell us in the comments how difficult our software was to use. We’ll bet it was significantly easier than working with a designer.

Another odd comparison says that Logomaker uses templates while the designer does original design work. It’s true that you get to pick from almost 10,000 icons and 50 fonts on our site. But it’s not always true that a designer will present you with original artwork. Check out a few examples of work that designers copied here and here. And design contest sites are notorious for presenting stolen artwork as original. While the great majority of designers are honest and do good, original work, the fact of the matter is, there are no guarantees.

Again, the infographic falsely says there is “no option to optimize the logo as per your need”. We’re not sure what that even means, but with Logomaker, if you can’t make the optimized changes you want, our service team will help you. And we’ll do it within 24 hours, while working with a designer can take days.

Lastly, the graphic claims a DIY logo may not be appealing. Yeah, may not. But it may. In fact, because you design it yourself, you’re in control. You decide what looks good, not a designer. And you don’t have to buy or download anything you don’t like. If it doesn’t appeal to you, you can delete it.

Are there times you should hire a designer for your logo? Yes, absolutely. Here are a few reasons you would consider hiring a designer.

Infographics like this are silly. And completely wrong.

If you’re looking for an infographic about logos that is both interesting and actually true, check out this one. It’s awesome. And based on real science. Feel free to share it on your own site.

And if you’re looking for a great option for creating a low-cost logo for your business, try our logo design software.

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