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How To Create a Logo for Holiday Cards

happy holiday greeting card

The holiday season is officially here! If you’ve been wondering how else you can make your business seem festive this year, sending holiday cards to your employees or valued customers is a thoughtful gesture. Every year, nearly 7 billion holiday cards are purchased and distributed around the world, so you can guarantee this tradition is still alive and well.

Everyone is busy this time of year, but sending a heartfelt holiday card telling employees and customers that you appreciate them will make them stop and think about your business and why they value your products or services.

Creating a holiday logo design

The challenging part is deciding what to put on your holiday card. While it is widely accepted to opt for a festive color scheme and include a print of a snowman or holly leaf, we think it best to take things one step further with a holiday logo. Holiday logos can easily be created using an online logo maker. These logo design tools are fast and affordable, which means you can check this project off your list quickly.

Below are a few simple steps to help you craft your best holiday logo design yet.

  1. Do your research. First things first, make sure to do some online research. Check out what other businesses in your industry are using for their holiday logos. Chances are no one has opted for a holiday logo, which means your business will stand out amongst competitors. Do you want your holiday logo to incorporate all the holidays this time of year? Do you want the logo to be more Christmas-focused? Now is the time to chat amongst co-workers or employees about what they think would be best. Keep your customers in mind and ask yourself what they would want to see.
  2. Enter your logo text. Within your logo maker tool, you will first be prompted to type in the text you want to be displayed on your holiday logo. This is an excellent chance to write phrases such as “Seasons Greetings” “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” in the title area. In the slogan area, you can include your company name to ensure that customers know who the holiday card is from.
  3. Choose a logo design. After filling in your next, now it’s time for the fun and festive part. Choose a holiday logo design that works best for the message you are trying to bring across to customers. The design can include a holiday-themed icon such as Christmas ornaments, stars, snowflakes, bells, and holly leaves. You can also choose how you want the icon situated in relation to the text. Do you want to icon above the text or below? Do you want the holiday icon in between the lines of text? Many online logo design tools allow you to experiment with the layout.
  4. Customize your holiday logo. After you’ve chosen a layout, font style, and an icon, you can then make additional customizations to your new holiday logo. Create a logo that incorporates colors from your original company logo, or opt for a completely different look. Consider colors such as deep greens, reds, whites or metallics as these are often associated with the holidays.
  5. Save and put your logo to use. Once you’re satisfied with your new holiday logo, it’s time to put it on your holiday cards.

Choosing the right holiday card

Deciding on the perfect holiday card doesn’t have to be a major life decision, but you should put some thought into how you want it to look. Take a few minutes to browse the variety of holiday card layouts that are available online. Think about whether or not you want a flat card or a folding card, as well as whether you want the card to be vertical or horizontal.

After selecting the greeting card, you can now customize it to add text, such as a phrase about how much you appreciate your employees or how thankful you are to your customers. You will also have the opportunity to upload your newly designed holiday logo onto the greeting card. You can drag and drop the logo wherever you like to ensure that it’s visible to the ones who receive the card. Finally, save the card, complete your order, and get ready to send some mailers!

Don’t forget to order your holiday greeting cards sooner rather than later to ensure that they will get to you in time to send them back out to customers and employees. Order today!