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Free SEO Guide From Google

A few years ago, Google put together a little guide to help small business owners optimize their websites for their search engine. Last year they updated the guide with additional content. If you’re new to SEO or have a website that doesn’t appear on the first couple pages of search results for your keywords, then you may want to take a look at this helpful SEO guide from Google.

How to use the Google SEO guide

The free guide walks you through how Google uses things like title and description tags to display your site in its search results. It shows you how to structure your URLs to make it easier for search engines to “crawl” your site and find good content. The SEO guide will also share a few details regarding the importance of keywords and how to choose keywords based on your industry.

You’ll also learn how to optimize images, use “no follow” tags to keep comment spam from downgrading your site, and how to promote your site the “correct” way. The guide shares lots of best practices and information for improving your website.

If you have a website and want it to be found at Google, this simple introduction to SEO is a good place to start.

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