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What You Need for Presenting at a Trade Show [Checklist]

You’re presenting at a trade show! You get to show off your products to a completely new market segment, including customers who have never encountered your brand before. It’s time to get creative and grab the attention of those trade show attendees. Here’s what you need to present your products on the showroom floor.

1. Big branded banners

You’ll need some large, prominent banners that let people know who you are. The main sign might be a huge horizontal one hanging at the back of your booth or behind your table. You could also opt for a couple of tall vertical banners standing at each side. Whether you go single, double, vertical, or horizontal, make sure that your company name and logo are larger than life. They should be easy to read from across the showroom aisle or from a few booths away.

2. Smaller sale banners

Are you having a special deal just for the trade show? Perhaps you’re offering 25% off a new product and 75% off some older models. Maybe you’re having a one-time discount for new customers, or a “buy one get one free” deal. Whatever discount or deal you’re offering during the trade show needs to be clearly visible.

You want people to notice it as soon as they walk up to your booth, so you’ll need some banners that advertise it. These vinyl signs are smaller than your main branded banners, but they should still include your logo somewhere in the design. Keep the information on the banners as clear as possible, since people won’t have time to stop and read a long list of bullet points.

3. Information sheets

Banners aren’t the place to share all the details of your products, but you should have some more detailed info on hand for people who are interested. Create product information sheets that include the selling points of your new items, along with commonly asked questions and other key details. Place the sheets in a handy spot on the table, next to a stack of your business cards.

4. Design details

Your entire booth needs to be a cohesive, creative expression of your company. Keep it all attractive and professional, right down to the little details. Start with warm lighting that enhances and brightens your booth without hurting the customers’ eyes. Remember, you’ll need plenty of long extension cords on hand to ensure that your lights will reach the available power outlets.

If you bring tables as part of the booth design, make sure you also bring wrinkle-free tablecloths. A hand steamer hidden under one of the tables is helpful for smoothing last-minute creases in booth curtains or tablecloths. Keep the area clean by bringing along a small trash can for unexpected bits of waste.

5. Comfortable flooring

If you have the budget for it, order some padding carpeting for your booth. This strategy can actually get people to hang out in your booth longer. Their feet are tired from walking all over the showroom, and stepping onto the soft, padded carpet of your booth feels amazing to their tired toes. They’ll want an excuse to hang out in your space for a while, and they might even end up placing an order.

6. Contact collection

You’ll need some way to collect the contact information from potential customers who stop by your booth. That way, you can follow up with them at a later date. One excellent way to collect contact info and email permissions is by hosting a drawing.

Emblazon a vinyl banner with the details of a giveaway and draw people to the booth to enter the drawing for a tablet, a laptop, a custom T-shirt, a gift basket, or some other promotional product. Be sure to bring plenty of logo-printed pens that people can use to sign up for the giveaway.

7. Atmosphere enhancement

According to Juli McCarthy, founder of Mockingbird Studio, people tend to get dull and drowsy while walking around a trade show. The air can be stale sometimes, and the constant standing and walking makes people tired. Use a little aromatherapy at the booth to attract people and wake them up a bit.

You’ll need to check with the trade show organizers before bringing an oil diffuser or other aromatherapy product, but in most cases it should be permitted. Also, check with organizers about bringing your own music to liven up your booth and attract the attention of passersby.

Think about these tips as you prepare for your next trade show exhibit.

What did we leave out? Comment below with your suggestions!

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