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How to Update Your Logo with a Logo Maker

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You’ve had your logo since the beginning of your startup or small business. But if you clicked on this post, you might suspect that it needs a refresh. How do you know when it’s time for a new look?

Find out how to identify a logo that needs some rework and learn how you can make those changes easily with a logo maker.

An outdated look

If you’ve been in business for multiple decades, or if you inherited the business from someone else, you may notice that the logo looks a little old school.

Vintage fonts can be a great way to convey your brand, but not if your business is supposed to be tech-savvy, edgy, or forward-thinking. Look at your logo with fresh eyes to identify any outdated fonts, wording, or symbols.

Unnecessary complexity

Digital trend expert Gabriel Shaoolian says, “Logos with a lot of detail or too much gradient often don’t translate well to digital.” He also explains, “Companies that were established long before the digital age may find that their logos look great on letterhead but not so great as profile images or in digital ad creative.”

When you update your logo, make sure that it’s simple and crisp – a modern design that looks good on both computer screens and smartphones.

An inaccurate reflection of your business

Have you changed your original product offerings or altered your services? Your logo could still reflect your business’s original mission. That means it’s an inaccurate reflection of your current business – time for a refresh!

Your logo should represent your business in its current form. Consider updating your logo to reflect the evolution of your business and accurately show what you do – and who your customers are.

How to make updates to your logo

You’ll find a number of logo maker and logo design tools online. These tools typically charge only at the end of the design process if you like the logo you crafted and want to use it for your business.

To use a logo maker, simply go to the website and type in the name of your business. You may be able to add a bit more information, such as a keyword or two about your products and services.

After that, you’ll be presented with dozens of logo options. These logos are all created by real, live designers. The search program pulls them up for you to view, based on the criteria you typed in.

Not every logo you’ll see among the results is right for you. In fact, a few may be pretty far off the mark. However, you’ll notice that most of them have a visual connection to your business.

Design choices

Take a look at the options. A few of them may look too similar to your old logo. Others immediately jump off the page because of an appealing font, bold color, or apt imagery.

Select one that matches your current (or future) business purpose. Your new logo should have momentum, color, and give off a modern vibe.

Introduce your new logo to customers

Once you’ve chosen a logo, you can tweak the colors, size, and font as needed. Before you roll out your new logo, let your customers know about the upcoming change so they won’t confused by the update.

Develop an engaging ad campaign, social media campaign, or mailer series that explains when and why you’re changing your logo. After that, remember to use the design on your signs, business cards, website, and packaging.

Ready to make updates to your logo design? Learn what to consider when selecting a logo maker.

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