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The Best Rebrands of 2019 (So Far)

Rebranding is a way to renew a brand and bring it back to life. And 2019 has been filled with plenty of companies looking to rebrand their logo. If you’re debating if it’s time to rebrand your own company, then we’re here to tell you it is.

This is because rebranding plays a crucial role in maintaining a dynamic brand. But if you’re still not sure that you should rebrand your company, then you might want to take a look at some other big-name brands that decided rebranding was right for them. Here are the best rebrands of 2019, some starting in 2018, and what you can learn from them!


Uber’s rebranding wasn’t much of a big one. Not many people may have noticed this one, but its mid-2018 rebranding idea was put into effect due to its 2016 rebranding not going so well. Back in 2016, Uber rebranded but customers reacted poorly to the changes.

After noticing that customer reviews about the rebranding were negative, Uber decided to rebrand once again in 2018. This time, Uber made changes to the app, which made navigation much easier and changed the logo. The logo change wasn’t a big one, though.

Uber replaced the old font with a custom sans-serif font, which resembles their very first logo more than their second one. Although the first attempt didn’t go so well, there are things to be learned in failures. Uber took these lessons and applied them to their new rebranding features!

Taco Bell

Another rebranding that took place in 2018, but is still in progress into 2019 is Taco Bell. This rebranding of a well-known Mexican chain restaurant might be one of the most dramatic rebrands of the year. This restaurant chain has gone full force in transforming from a fast-food diner to a cantina.

Taco Bell’s plan is to become a $15 billion company by the year 2022. They started their rebranding by doing a complete overhaul of the entire look and feel of the restaurant. Their new logo plays a big factor in the new design.

The new logo is quite hipster-looking and sleeker.

Weight Watchers

Back in September of 2018, Weight Watchers spokesperson, Ophra Winfrey, debuted the company’s rebrand. The company’s been working pretty hard on meeting today’s standards of what’s expected from them. They’ve decided to please millennials by rebranding their physical and digital appearance to meet minimalist criteria.

Rather than a logo containing the full name, “Weight Watchers,” the company decided to make the switch to a minimalist name of, “WW.” They’ve also created a new tagline for the company, which states, “Wellness that works.” Here, you see another way in which they incorporate the “WW.”

Rebranding your company based on a specific target audience is a great way to keep up with the times and keep people interested. If you know who your target audience is, then this makes the process a whole lot easier.

Paddy Power Betfair

The iGaming platform known as Paddy Power Betfair recently released a statement about rebranding the company, which started back in 2015. The company is currently awaiting shareholder approval, but once this clears, the company will be renamed as Flutter Entertainment. This might be due to the fact that the company once bought out another company called, “Flutter.”

This will be their first major rebrand and the new name speaks more on what the company actually does, which is offers online slots, poker, sport betting options, and more.


The MasterCard brand first made its debut in 1966 when the company was founded. Since then, there hasn’t been much of a change to the company’s logo. Their well-known red and yellow circles didn’t undergo much change at all for decades.

But with the digital age approaching, something had to give. The company finally made changes to its logo, website graphics, information pamphlets, and much more. The company took their red and yellow circle logo and transformed them into a flat and trendy design. The logo is now simpler, cleaner, and sharper.


Staples shows everyone a great example of how to clean up your brand, stay up to date with modern trends, and still maintain your best qualities. Their old logo was a great first logo, but as time went by, it began to look very outdated. Their new logo has a staple at the beginning, which can also be interpreted as a desk, and then the company’s name in red.

This rebrand shows that Staples is all for keeping up with the modern logo trends, which sleek and minimal logos. This new logo gives the company a more professional look. A new font is used and rather than all the letters being capitalized, the logo sticks to a sentence-case structure.


As we’re now deep into 2019, it’s no secret that the television world has made some big changes in the year. Amazon and Netflix are two of the biggest competitors in the market. But that doesn’t mean that Discovery isn’t working towards its competition.

The company is looking to rebrand with a new global natural history partnership. Their new logo shows that Discovery has also taken awareness of the modern logo trends, as the company decided to simplify the look. The size of the Earth logo has been reduced and incorporated into the “D” in “Discovery.”

The new logo is sleek and trendy.

The Best Rebrands of 2019 You Can Learn From

When deciding to rebrand your own company’s logo, there’s a lot to learn from the best rebrands of 2019. Although each comes with its own unique ideas and ways of making the transformation, one thing is for certain: there’s a pattern. That pattern is that all companies who decide to rebrand are rebranding based on what their target audience is looking for and what the modern world expects out of them.

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