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Clothing Logo Ideas That Won’t Go Out Of Style

Clothing and fashion play an integral part in any society; we use garments to express ourselves and tell passerby a little bit about our personalities. The same explanation can be said about a business logo.

Creating a clothing logo that perfectly expresses what your boutique is all about is a guaranteed way to attract customers to your brand. In order to successfully design a logo that emulates the clothes you sell, it’s important that you go through a few necessary creative steps.

Design a Clothing Logo: The Fundamentals

Whether you are looking to give your old logo a face lift or just opening your doors to the public, always ask yourself how you want your customers to identify your business. Do you offer high-end apparel or second-hand clothing? Do you limit your products to toddlers, teens, young adults, or older adults? What about plus size clothing? Find your niche in this competitive industry and translate that unique aspect into your clothing logo.

Fashion & Apparel Business Name Ideas

Let’s say you have decided that your fashion niche is high-end clothing that caters towards young working women. You hand-pick the brands you want to sell, which happen to be clothes that were made in the USA and are created via sustainable practices. Now it’s time to think about a marketable business name. Clothing store names vary greatly. If you are opening a boutique, many individuals opt for naming their store after the owner or an influential friend or family member. For this example, a whimsical and nature-inspired name may be appropriate.

No matter what business name you choose, just be sure to ask yourself whether or not the business name you’ve chosen will go out of style. Try to keep the name short, sweet, and descriptive enough so that customers understand what type of clothing you’re selling.

Stylish Clothing & Fashion Logo Ideas

Once you have your business name, it’s time to start designing the rest of your clothing logo. Below are a few ideas to help you get started in choosing a logo style for your business.

Vintage & Retro Logo Designs

Vintage retro logo design

Some clothing will never go out of style. The classic look of dark-washed jeans and a white tee or a little black cocktail dress. Vintage and retro logos are still alive and well and are surprisingly easy to design. Vintage logos usually include dark hues (rich browns, deep blues or royal purple), a monogrammed emblem or icon, and block typeface fonts. Below the business name, many people opt to include a city or year the company was founded. Retro logo designs may also include whimsical font styles and icons that resemble a certain decade.

Classy & Luxurious Logo Designs

classic-style clothing logo idea

When it comes to designing an elegant and classic-style logo, think about ideal logo shapes and colors. While vintage logos tend to have frills and details, a classy logo is more focused on minute details. Monograms or simple icons work well against a black or other monotoned background. Be sure to create plenty of space between each letter of your business name as well as the elements in your icon. Think sharp, definitive angles to create a sense of luxury for your brand.

Modern & Chic Logo Designs

Fashion boutique logo design with modern font

Contemporary fashion and clothing logos are a great option when it comes to catering towards any demographic. This logo style is the most minimalist of the three and features monotoned colors, clean and bold fonts, as well as a simple icon. Many boutique clothing store owners will either forgo the icon for a text-only font, while others will opt for just an icon. Whichever you prefer (or if you decide to include both), just be sure the design is descriptive enough that passerby will understand precisely what you’re selling.

Key Takeaways When You Create a Logo

When it comes to creating a logo, don’t forget to think about what resources you will use. You can either enlist in the help of a professional logo designer, or you can draw up your own using Photoshop or another design program. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your logo is both affordable and looks professional is to do some research about online logo makers. A logo maker will walk you through the design process and help you determine what logo style is best for your business. These online software programs can show you what your logo draft looks like in real time, so you don’t have to wait weeks to hear back from a designer.

Don’t forget that creating the perfect business logo may take a few tries. Play around with fonts, icons, colors, and styles to see which speaks to you and whether or not the logo represents your brand. An online logo maker will allow you to create and save dozens of different logo concepts for free, so don’t sweat it if you change your mind.

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