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Now for Something Not Related to Logo Design

If you’re a returning visitor to this blog, you know we write a lot about logo design. What makes a good logo. News about logos. How you can create your own logo. You get the picture.

But we also write a little bit about what it takes to start a small business. And, for those who are doing just that, how we might be able to help.

Today, we’ll point you to two interesting articles we found this week. The first from Forbes magazine about the hottest industries for starting a new business. If you’re thinking about starting your own business now, you may find greater success in one of these industries. Click here to read the article. And if you don’t see your industry listed, don’t be dismayed—it may mean you’ll have less competition for your new venture.

We also want to point you to a short article from the Harvard Business Review on why you probably won’t quit your job and start that business after all. You think you’re ready to move on, but you still won’t quit. Here’s why.

Interesting reading to keep you busy until next Friday’s edition of Logo Design This Week.

Amber Ooley
Amber Ooley
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