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Using a Logo Creator for Your Business

You have taken the first steps towards starting your own business. Maybe you’re still in the planning and product creation stages, tinkering with supplies and materials in your home. Perhaps you have been providing a service for a while and you’ve just now begun to call your efforts a “business,” expanding your clientele beyond your circle of friends and family. Wherever you are in the early stages of your business, you probably recognize the need for a catchy name that expresses something about who you are and what you do. Closely related to the name of your business is the logo. If you haven’t thought about a logo yet, consider why it’s so important and how you can obtain a good one.

Why Do You Need a Logo?

A logo is a visual representation of a company or business. It’s a picture that your brain connects with the name of the business and the products or services it provides. For example, you’ve probably seen the familiar eBay logo with its san serif font and brightly colored letters. You know the signature swoosh or checkmark that indicates Nike products, and you recognize the crowned siren in the green circle that lures people into Starbucks coffee shops. The double golden arches are a globally recognized symbol for fast food of the burger and fries variety, and the apple with a bite missing usually indicates cutting edge technology.

That kind of visual cue, that connection to your customers’ minds and memories, is what a logo is all about. You want your customers to get a mental image when they think of your business, and you want them to connect your logo with the great work that you do. You’re working towards instant recognition, because that kind of recognition also means a trust relationship with your customers, a positive connection, and an increase in profitable transactions.

The Benefits of Logo Creators

Huge companies spend millions of dollars hiring teams to research, design, and revise their logos. As a micro business, you likely don’t have that kind of capital; and you don’t need it. You can obtain an effective logo within minutes by using a logo creator. Online logo makers like LogoMaker, LogoMix, FreeLogoServices, or Deluxe Logo Creator allow you to test out different logo designs and then purchase the rights to a specific logo if you want to use it. It’s much cheaper and faster than hiring a team of researchers, writers, and graphic designers; and for the purpose of your startup or micro business, it can be the ideal solution.

How a Logo Creator Works

First, find a logo creator that you want to use, such as LogoMaker, and click the button that says “Try It Free Now” or “Create Your Logo” or a similar phrase. Typically, a logo creator asks you to enter the name of your business. The form may also request that you input the type of business or some additional words that describe what you do.

Next, you’ll see a broad selection of logos. There will be various fonts from which to choose, including different colors and a myriad of images. Some of them won’t be right for your product or service, but there will probably be several that you really like.

Look through your favorite logo options and consider each one carefully. Look at the websites or product of other businesses that are similar to yours and see what logo styles they use— simple or fancy, elegant or fun, flashy or subdued. While you don’t want to mimic the competition, you can also glean helpful direction to find out what types of logos generally work well in your market.

Once you find a logo that is crisp and clear, communicates your business’s message, and has a memorable quality, you can edit it as needed, purchase the rights to those files, and proceed with using it for your business.  With the right logo, you can gain that coveted brand recognition that will encourage repeat customers and draw in new clients to grow your business.

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Amber Ooley
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